How to curl your hair with a flat iron and Fall makeup tutorial!


Fall is knocking on our door and I’m so excited today to show you a few beauty tricks that will speed up your morning routine and give you a look that lasts all day, through all your carpool lines, workouts, shopping, or whatever you need to achieve throughout your crazy busy day!

I went to Kohl’s and rounded up all of these beauty products, some of which are brand new, some are tried and true faves, and some were just some lucky fun new finds!


First of all, my Chi hair straightener was kind of on its last dying leg, after several years of top-notch performance, so I got myself a brand new Chi Air! This has been and continues to be my flat iron of choice after 13 years of loyal use.

It’s a little difficult to explain in written words how to curl your hair with a flat iron, so I’ll be getting on Facebook Live this week to show you guys how I do this (make sure you are following along here!) but in the meantime here are some tips!


Spray your hair before with some GOOD hairspray like this CHI helmet head. I really recommend making sure it’s something high quality that isn’t sticky since you’ll be running a super hot hair tool through your hair. You want to be sure it doesn’t get stuck on the product.

curl-hair-with-flat-ironThen I take my hair in small sections and pull it through AWAY from my face! I try to go in the smoothest motion possible to avoid kinks in my hair.


You really want to pull the hair all the way through and down straight or at a slight angle, whatever is more comfortable for you. The best way to think of it is the same way you’d curl a ribbon with scissors! When I started visualizing curling my hair with a flat iron like that, it started to make sense.


If I want classic curls, I pull it all the way through the end. But if I want more beachy waves, I leave the ends out. For this look I pulled the flat iron all the way through to create a more classic curl.

My left side is always a little harder than my right, because I have to cross over and use the flat iron from the opposite side. It takes a little practice, I suggest trying right before you jump in the shower to wash your hair anyway. That way if it doesn’t turn out perfectly the first time or two you aren’t super frustrated! I think you have to give yourself at least a couple of times trying before you get it. Or maybe it’s just me haha.


I love doing my curls with a flat iron though because I feel like they last so much longer! The intensity of the heat with the flat iron just seems to really make my curls or waves stick around for a day or two longer than they would’ve otherwise. I also really like to flat iron my hair straight on day one of washing my hair, and then on day two or three if I’m sick of straight hair I can curl it with a flat iron where it would be super hard to do with a regular curling iron once I’ve straightened all my hair.


Next I’m going to share some of the new makeup I discovered on my latest trip to Kohl’s that I used during New York Fashion Week!


First thing’s first – you should make sure your face has a killer moisturizer on its surface before you apply any makeup! I haven’t had a chance to try it myself but the Christie Brinkley skincare line gets extremely high ratings and I love that it’s at a really affordable price point! I’ve only heard amazing things about it.

I always take care of my brows before the rest of my makeup! I actually really liked the medium brown in the Lorac contour palette so I used that to fill in my brows with this liner brush! I love how they were slightly more bold than my normal look. Kind of fun for Fall!

Next I went to Lorac’s sheer POREfection foundation. It’s very lightweight but gives a medium coverage without feeling heavy.


I used this foundation brush to evenly apply all over the skin.


Then I used some of this concealer all underneath my eyes to brighten, under my nose to cover redness, and on a couple little spots where I had blemishes. The coverage on this concealer is really nice and lasts all day long!


I look a little scary before it’s blended haha! I went back over all the concealer very gently with the big foundation brush and blended everything.

Then I used Lorac’s PRO contour palette to set my concealer and brighten my “highlight” spots above my brows, down the middle of my nose, under my nose, and on my chin with the yellow highlighter.


After that I used the medium contour to contour my cheeks, sides of my forehead and a little down the sides of my nose.


Then I used this very purpley shaded blush (Chroma) to make my cheeks pop! I’m usually a pink blush kinda girl but for Fall I thought it would be fun to try some purple out and I actually love the way it looked in the end with the whole look pulled together. Sorry this is long, stay with me!


Lastly I finished up with some of Lorac’s eyeshadow primer, which actually comes free inside the shimmer eyeshadow palette (bonus!) and works super well. I used the undercover color in the middle and the unbelievable color just on the corners of my eyes and insides.

fall-eye-shadows fall-eye-shadows

Kohl’s is actually hosting a really fun Everyday Runway Ready event where you can finish your look with beauty by getting ready with their prestige beauty brands! Stop by their in-store event Saturday, September 17th or Sunday, September 18th and meet with their beauty advisors for tips and tricks and the latest how-to get trends! If you can’t make it, or can’t wait, you can shop all of the products I used below or by going to Kohl’s beauty online!


Lip Gloss
POREfection Foundation
Flat Iron
Eyeshadow Palette & Eye Primer
Blush- in Chroma
Contour Palette & Makeup Brush
Pointed Crease Eye Shadow Brush
Oval Eye Shadow Brush
Triangle Foundation Brush

Come back tomorrow to see the final look with a new Fall outfit that’s super affordable and designed by one of my homegirls. Well, I like to pretend she’s my homegirl. Just come back tomorrow, you’ll see what I’m talking about!

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