Nordstrom’s best back-to-school SALE

It’s only August 4th but kids are headed back to school earlier than ever this year I swear! So I’ve rounded up some of the best deals on the cutest (and nicest!) things from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, like these plaid dresses for big girls and for babies, to grab your kiddos that will REALLY last them the whole school year.

I’m a quality over quantity girl and that goes for my kids’ clothes too. I’d rather buy them two pair of shoes that will support their feet and last through hours of play than a cheap pair that we’ll have to toss after a few wears.

We took these pictures of my babies when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale had just launched, and these darling plaid dresses for big girls and for babies sold out immediately but they’ve come back in stock in several sizes YAY!! They’re such a good deal – $21.90!!

Lyla’s plaid dress
Ani’s plaid dress
Ani’s shoes
Lyla’s shoes
photos by Arielle Levy

Here are all my very favorites and personal recommendations for KIDS DEALS from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Most of these you’ll only see discounted once a year – that’s NOW – and the sale ends in 4 days!


You already know how I feel about this dress! $21 and so cute for school pictures, family pictures, wearing to church, anything where your babe needs to be dressed up!
UGGS are such a great investment if you live in a cold place! These will keep your little girls' feet warm all winter long.
For PE, for playing with friends, for anytime!
A more girly pair of Nikes!
Sorels are amazing for keeping little feet warm and DRY. This is a staple if you live somewhere where you'll see lots of rain or snow this winter!
I thought this little hoodie was so sweet!
For an active little boy who thinks he doesn't need a jacket, even when it's 40 degrees outside.
These shirts are so nice for little boys who wear a collared shirt to church ever week! Stock up item!!
These are the shoes Ani has on in this post. She loves them! They're comfy enough for her to wear for hours but sturdy enough to stay on her feet.
Not exactly a back-to-school item I realize, but if you have a baby sister in your family like we do, these bows are the softest! And the best deal right now!
I love these little chukka boots for boys and they're made by TOMS so you know they'll be ultra comfy.
Ani has these and cannot stop wearing them! They're every girly girl's glittery shoes from heaven, but they're tough enough for her to take on the playground day after day and really last.
Ani's very favorite church shoes! These ones really stay on too, and they're comfy and ultra cute!
If you thought designer jeans were just for grown ups, you were wrong! These have the same affect on little ones, making their legs and bums look so cute I could die! AND they last way longer than cheap jeans, but with this sale they're affordable at under $30.
These jeans! Same story, but for little boys. Under $30 but they'll last 3x longer than your average pair of little boy jeans.
A gender neutral staple for kids in cold weather! This coat will stand up against the coldest temps.
These are THE softest little girl undies!! Ani only likes to wear these and I don't blame her. Best deal you'll see all year on these.
This little sweater!! We have this in cream for Lyla and it's my favorite baby sweater ever.
These little leggings are so soft! We bought these for Ani and I can't wait to dress her up in these with some fall sweaters!

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