Best deal EVER on Elemis skincare!


You guys know that I’m super picky about my skincare. I have tried so many lines and only talk about the ones on here that I use and love myself, and Elemis is one of those brands that I’ve been secretly in love with for a couple years now!


My love affair started when we were taking one of our road trips from California to Utah, or vice versa, I can’t remember which direction we were headed to be honest. But for sure we were stopped in Vegas! We always stay at the Trump hotel because a) no smoking or casino and b) it’s right across the street from the Fashion Show mall so I have easy access to great shops and restaurants and a big open mall for my kids to run some of their energy out after sitting in a car for hours, and MOST importantly of course, it’s steps from a Nordstrom. Ha.

I was having one of those little beauty emergencies where I forgot to pack my face wash and moisturizer and I’m just too picky with my skin to be using hotel soap to wash my face, so I walked into Nordstrom and started chit-chatting with one of the girls there about whether they had any travel size skin care I could purchase, and she directed me toward the Elemis line. She swore up and down that it was her favorite of any skincare she had tried so I took a little leap of faith and bought a pretty pricey travel kit of Elemis skincare! MAN was I shocked in the best way. The cleansing balm was like a wash from heaven, SO buttery soft on my skin and it washed all my makeup away and left my skin feeling so moisturized and refreshed.

Then the marine cream was even more dreamy. Just thick and supple and luxurious but NOT greasy in the least bit. I had no idea there were so many serious benefits to using it (I’ll get to that in a minute) but I was 100% impressed with how my skin felt after using it.


My only hangup? The price.

Elemis is a little pricey BUT you guys, I have info for you on the best deal I have EVER seen on this unbelievable skincare line and when I found out about it I just knew I had to share with you!!!


On Monday August 22, Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment, Superfood Facial Oil and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream will be on sale here as a 3-piece set through QVC for UNDER $100 plus free shipping – that’s a 63% off sale and it’s ONE DAY ONLY. 

I’m dying, DYING over this deal!!! This is the type of deal I want to shout from the rooftops, call every single girlfriend I’ve ever known, and make sure any living breathing person who cares about getting a good deal on super nice skincare knows about this.

Okay so what are my suggestions?

I personally have tried several of these products by now and I have to say the first eye treatment I’ve ever used and loved is the Elemis pro-collagen advanced eye treatment. It goes on super gentle, like a liquid so you’re not pulling at your delicate under-eye skin, but it does wonders for firming skin there and preventing or reducing wrinkles!


The cleansing balm (not included in the 3-product under $100 sale, but a fave) like I said earlier is probably the softest most luxurious facial cleanser I have ever used. It somehow just really leaves your skin feeling moisturized after but clean! I don’t know how they do it. It’s like magic.


That marine cream though – you MUST know about this. This is going to sound gross but it’s actually really cool – the cream contains Mediterranean algae, because some scientists found when they uncovered a sunken ship from the Mediterranean sea that the wood on this ship was perfectly preserved from that layer of algae, so they got to thinking and realized they could make an anti-aging cream with this same algae! Enter Elemis Marine Cream. One pot of this stuff is sold around the world every TEN SECONDS. Amazing right? Look it up on any high-end department store site and you will find dozens of perfect reviews. This stuff is incredible!


Lastly, the Elemis Superfood Facial Oil is an extremely hydrating, nourishing oil that my skin just drinks up when it’s extra dry! I especially love this stuff after I’ve flown or when I go to a super dry environment (I’m talking to you, Utah!), and it really helps bring a glow to your skin too.


As I mentioned before, this is the absolute best deal I have ever in my life seen on Elemis skincare! This deal goes live Monday August 22 at midnight HERE on QVC, and you can tune into QVC all day to watch their demos! I don’t know the exact price yet but the set of Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment, Superfood Facial Oil and Pro-Collagen Marine Cream will for sure be under $100 HERE with a savings of more than 63% and free shipping – unbelievable.

I hope you guys end up falling in love with this stuff as much as I did! I would never recommend anything that I was nervous for my mom or sister or best friend to spend their hard=earned money on and I give this my stamp of approval one thousand percent.

Thanks Elemis for sponsoring this post!

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kristina malinowski:

where did you get your robe?

kristina malinowski:

I am totally in love with you robe. Please let me where I can. Buy one

Kristina Malinowski:

🙁 🙁

Suzanne Sears:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing this skincare range to my attention. I ordered the 3 piece set from QVC and have since then ordered the skin cleansing balm. The moisturizer is wonderful but I have to say the balm is the most beautifully scented and thorough cleanser I have ever used. Washing my face morning and night used to be such a tedious ritual, not anymore! I would like to add more of this range to my routine and I would love more suggestions from you.


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