The best bra & jammies I own, ON SALE.

You know when you just love something so much that you buy it in several colors and you hope they just last forever because you can’t bear to think of them ever not being in your life? That’s how these moonlight pajamas are. I’ve bought this exact pair of pajamas in 3 colors now over the past two years and I. am. obsessed. I’ve also paid full price for all but these pink ones! And now they’re ON SALE.

They’re all sold out of the pink stripe (SO SORRY!!!) but they are in stock in gray, black and navy.

Okay so what makes these so amazing? They’re SO SOFT first of all. Second they’re pretty lightweight so you’re not sweating to death like you would in some flannel pjs. Third, they’re LONG ENOUGH for me which is so hard to find when you’re 5’9″!!!

And as if that’s not enough … these moonlight pajamas are also $39.90 right now. But they’ll be $64 in a couple weeks when the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over! And yes that’s the price I’ve paid for 2 of my 3 sets. And I would pay it again, they’re that amazing. But why not get them for under $40? Duh.

Also a quick SIDE NOTE … my bedding is still on sale!! (free shipping w/ code STAYCOOL).  And you can read/see all the details from my master bedroom here.

Also, if you think I’m going to show you a picture of me in my bra well, guess again. But THIS IS MY FAVORITE BRA EVER!!! I own two in the nude color alone. Yep. Ha. TWO.

It’s so comfy you forget you’re even wearing a bra, provides great support, doesn’t itch or bother me AT ALL. It looks good under anything and everything without being noticeable. Just trust me. You will LOVE this.

If you’re anti-lace, this is my second favorite bra of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s also extreeeeeemely comfy. Just not quite as pretty (in my opinion) as the first one.

I’ve got a couple other LOVES from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I think are totally worth your money (especially when they’re on sale!!) like this lightweight robe that’s the perfect size and length if you need a robe during HOT summer months without looking like you’re trying to be a lingerie model ha. And if you just want some pajama pants, this is the pant version of my favorite pajamas! They’re only $24 and they’re even a tiny bit longer than the pajama set if you’re super tall like me.

Here are all my favorites again:


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