SELL OUT Faves of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

The BEST sale of the year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, just opened to card holders this morning for their early access and there are some majorly HOT items that are selling out super fast already, and some that I suspect will sell out fast based upon doing this for the past 4 years!! I’ve outlined all of the items for women that I believe will sell out the fastest.

(**UPDATE: here’s where you can find all my details for the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog!)

The best way to make sure you still get what you really want from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is to order your favorites immediately! Even if  you’re going to shop the sale in-person, get the items you’re worried might disappear and select “pick up in store” so that they have one reserved with your name when you get there! Or have them shipped to your door, it’s free shipping for everything!

See all the SELL OUT FAVES below and grab what you can while it’s still in stock!


These bags are SUCH a good deal!! Like I almost died when I saw how cheap they were, and they're so cute! I think they'll go super fast. Sale: $45.90 After Sale: $69.95
These tees are hilarious and they fit really well! Sale: $21.90 After Sale: $34.00
Same collection as the lettuce tee, I loved this one the most! They were almost out of all the sizes yesterday within a couple hours. Sale: $21.90 After Sale: $34.00
My FAVORITE moisturizer ever, this sold out way before the Anniversary Sale was over last year. ($208 Value) $139.00
This is the best deal you'll ever see on the beauty blender!! I'm obsessed with mine, and these will sell out! ($56 Value) $35.00
The very BEST deodorant in the world!! If you haven't switched to DK deodorant, you need to. It will change your life. These will likely sell out too! ($75 Value) $60.00
I'm planning on doing a tutorial on this beach waver again but it's something I know TONS of my readers have asked about and I think they might disappear! ($199 Value) $139.00
These flew off the shelves yesterday in store when I was there. The cheapest I've ever seen Tom Fords! $253 sale price, $380 regular retail
This cardigan is crazy insane soft and these ALWAYS sell out! Sale: $76.90 After Sale: $116.00
I've been a LONG time fan of the PMD, it makes my skin so much clearer when I use it consistently! And my makeup goes on so smooth. Reduces wrinkles, fine lines, acne, scarring, spots, redness, just makes your skin GLOW. It's microdermabrasion at home. Sale: $106.00 After Sale: $159.00
I'm in love with my PMD and this is such a good deal for the Pro! It has a lower speed setting for sensitive skin - that's the main difference between the regular and the Pro! Sale: $133.00 After Sale: $199.00
The MAC sets always FLY off the shelves. This set is my favorite! ($70 Value) $39.50
These are the BEST skinny jeans!! They look good on everyone, and I will be surprised if they last the whole sale. Sale: $164.90 After Sale: $250.00
These were disappearing yesterday! I grabbed one in black and I think the tan has maybe sold out already today?! Sale: $254.90 After Sale: $425.00
The UGGS always go really fast too! I love this year's style. Nice and simple and classic! Sale: $119.90 After Sale: $179.95
These Nikes will sell out super fast!!! They are always one of the first things to go. Sale: $89.90 After Sale: $120.00
These cardigans are so dreamy and they ALWAYS sell out extremely fast! Like usually within the first day or so of the sale! Sale: $59.90 After Sale: $92.00
These are the top rated bras of the sale and in years past they've sold out of the most popular sizes really fast! Sale: $44.90 After Sale: $68.00
You know I love my hobo wallet! The neutral colors always sell out so fast. Sale: $84.90 After Sale: $128.00
I think this is the cutest basic cardigan of the sale, and I will be shocked if it stays in stock long! Sale: $49.90 After Sale: $74.00

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Taylor Pilk:

Loving these!!! Hitting the sale hard today! xx


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