Dress up staples from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale


Last year one of my most requested posts during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was the dress up staples roundup that I did showing you guys the best pieces you could use for office wear, a nice night out, going to church or anywhere you maybe shouldn’t wear sweats and sneakers. We’ve done it again today, rounding up the best staples for dressing up like my favorite dress of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (pictured here), a pretty perfect LBD and the a-line skirt I think every working or church-going girl needs!


The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is seriously the best opportunity to stock up on wardrobe essentials because you’re getting all brand new items that haven’t even come out yet (versus other sales where they’re discounting older items before the new stuff comes in!) and a lot of these staple items (like spanx!) only go on sale during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Right now it’s only open for Nordstrom debit or credit card holders to shop the sale but on July 22 the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will open to the public! Prices go back up on everything August 8th.


First of all, royal blue is just a stunning color. It’s not as loud as red but it still makes a really bold statement. If you’re heading to an interview or you’re speaking somewhere, this blue scuba dress might just be the perfect thing to wear. And this dress is such a good price during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale at $91.90 ($130 after sale). I love pairing it with these Mary Janes because it softens the look a little more than say these pointy toed heels, cute as they are! If you’re looking to be super bold those might be really great though! I would honestly wear the dress with either pair of pumps.


I love these cubic zirconia earrings as a staple to wear to work or church or anywhere really! I bought the bigger size, on sale for $44.90 ($68 after sale) but I even like the next size down for $29.90 ($46 after sale).


Last thing to mention – this gigantic tote bag is one of the BEST steals of the entire Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s $39.90 during the sale, but it will jump up to $59.95 after the sale. Big enough to fit even a 15″ laptop, your makeup, your lunch, your dog, whatever you need to take to work 😉


Blue scuba dress
Gigantic tote bag
Mary Jane block heels
Cubic zirconia earrings
Photos by Arielle Levy

You’ll see below that I included a lot of staples for dressing up and most of them are moderately priced. I did however include a couple really nice staple pieces for my girls who dress up daily for work. If that’s you, it’s super worthwhile to invest in a really nice pair of pants that you’ll wear over and over that will keep looking brand new! I’ve got everything from my favorite dressy shoes to skirts to dress pants so if you need to fill holes in your office or church wardrobe I hope this helps!!


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