FORECAST for Amazon Prime Day & giveaway!

Amazon’s biggest sale day of the year – Amazon Prime Day – is tomorrow and I’m DYING because I have the list of deals sitting right in front of me!!! I can’t share the list but I can give you a forecast and a sneak peek of what you can expect PLUS we are giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky person to shop the big sale tomorrow!

P.S. because I know some of you will want it too, here’s the link to my the neighbors have better stuff welcome mat. So far it’s kept the robbers away haha.

Amazon Prime Day deals are only available to Amazon Prime Members, but don’t worry! If you haven’t joined myself and a bazillion other people who are addicted to Amazon Prime, you can try it free for 30 days!

I have a major love affair with my Amazon Prime account so it’s hard to cover all the reasons why I’m obsessed but here are a few:

Free 2 day shipping: this is my #1 reason for being obsessed with amazon prime. Free 2 day shipping on ANYTHING with that beautiful little amazon prime logo next to it. Need something even faster? Usually you can get it next-day for just $4. It basically costs me $4 in gas anyway to run out and get something, especially if it’s the next town over. So there’s that. And staying in your sweats and ordering something in 2 seconds flat instead of wandering around a store looking for that exact item.

Unlimited free streaming to thousands of movies and TV episodes: I love that there’s such a gigantic selection of free movies available to amazon prime members in the prime instant video library, and when I want to watch a really old show or movie, I can almost always find it on prime instant video.

Early access to lightening deals: many of amazon’s lightening deals will be available a little earlier to amazon prime members than they are to the gen public.

Prime Pantry: just to add to my laziness, I also LOVE ordering kitchen essentials from Prime Pantry. They’re usually less expensive than the store or even Costco, and they ship right to your doorstep for one flat fee of $5.99. Right now you can actually get free shipping with the purchase of 5 qualifying Coca-Cola products. Diet Coke addicts rejoice!!! A few of my go-to Prime Pantry purchases: sticky rice, my fave extra virgin olive oil, viva paper towels.

And NOW for the forecast for Amazon Prime Day!

I can’t give away the contents of the confidential list of deals BUT here are some of the categories that will probably be included tomorrow:

Athletic shoes
Grocery essentials
Luxury beauty
Tech cases
Baby food

This is just based upon the list they’ve given me so far, which is subject to change and based upon last year’s experience it’s just a small preview of what’s really going to be on sale tomorrow!

I know I have tons of baby deal readers and they haven’t released anything for the baby category yet, but I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that they have some GREAT stuff for baby! But I have seen some awesome baby and kid toy deals that are forecasted for tomorrow so definitely come back for that! You can see last year’s best baby deals here.

Also based on last year’s fashion deals, I’m expecting another round of super good fashion deals so come back for those tomorrow too!!

NOW for the giveaway – enter below to win a $100 gift card to amazon, and hop over to FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM for two additional chances. Winner announced on the blog tomorrow morning!
Amazon Prime Day

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facebook: Nikole Pennington

Email for the gift card!

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sorry this doesn’t have anything to do with this post but your eyebrows always look great, is there anyone in or around the orange county area that you recommend for brows? thanks!!!!


Haha! That is so sweet thank you. I go to the Anastasia counter at Nordstrom in Mission Viejo 🙂


So what you are telling us is that Amazon’s biggest sale of the year will have discounts on most major product category’s?! Dang sounds awesome, thanks for your exclusive insider information.


You’re welcome!

Claire Miller:

SO EXCITING!! I entered every way possible and LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! 🙂


Oh thanks so much Claire you’re so sweet! I’m so excited too!


Can’t wait! Hoping for some awesome kitchen deals! ❤️

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