40% off my girls’ favorite toy: MAGFORMERS!!!

cutest little girls in janie and jack sunday dresses

My baby girls might look like perfectly behaved angels in this photo but this was one of about 50 taken right after church, with the impossible task of getting both of them to smile at the same time! If you have two or more littles you know what I’m talking about. Almost equally impossible is the task of keeping them happily occupied at church during our one hour sacrament service. My best trick: MAGFORMERS. And today ONLYΒ magformers are Β 40% off here!!

This much of a discount is not a regular occurrence. In fact I would even encourage you to maybe stock up for birthdays or Christmas or any other holiday when you need to entertain little ones!! My 1 year old loves these and my 3 year oldΒ thrives on playing with these – creating new things, building stuff, and they’re easy to grab and throw into a bag for cleanup when it’s time to go home.

I’m for sure getting my little girls some today!

Get your 40% off magformers here today only.

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