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Last week I totally let you guys down, failed you, disappointed SO many people and I’ve been feeling bad about it ever since! I posted a 20% off discount code to 5 favorites that was a one time use only code – AHH! I totally didn’t read the fine print in my email and as a result, published that out to thousands of my readers and majorly let tons of people down. But today I’m here to make that up to you and give you an even better discount than last week!!!

Today and tomorrow only, when you spend $350 at Saks you’ll get $75 off with code MAY16 at checkout! You can also use that code to get $175 off an order of $700, if you’re really looking to stock up on some wardrobe faves.

If you’re going to get a couple of these staple favorites, you’ll save 22% off a $350 purchase by using that code, which is even better than the 20% off I had for you last week.

It’s super rare to find these designer items at a discount!! They’re all pieces that are often excluded from sales because they’re staples so retailers know people will buy them at full price, because they’re staples.

RAY BAN AVIATORS: there’s a reason I own these in SO many colors and you see me wearing them over and OVER again! They’re lightweight, casual or dressy, and they look good on everyone. Not impossible to find a deal on these, but definitely not readily available at a discount all the time. In classic all-black (like below) or brown-pink mirror (above).

hudson jean high waist flaresDetails for this outfit here, and the dress at the top here.

MELISSA BOW SANDALS: pretty, girly, comfy, and they wash off perfectly after a day of sand and sun!

pink Melissa Sandals with pink top and white pants

HUNTER BOOTS: a spring showers STAPLE for anyone experiencing May showers! Also something I wear constantly in the winter when it’s cold, which we don’t have to worry about for a while obvs but it’s nice to have pieces that transition to different seasons!

hunter boots high gloss

MZ WALLACE METRO TOTE: I own this in black but I’m seriously tempted to get it in gray too because I use it SO MUCH!! It’s my go-to for travel (it squishes into even the fullest suitcase!), for the beach because of its removable zipper pouch and cleanability (totally a word), and because it’s basically weightless to begin with which is IDEAL when you’re a packrat like me everywhere you go with your bag. If you insist on carrying a ton of stuff with you, this is your new best friend. And as I mentioned last week, it’s the “it” bag that every girl in Manhattan, LA and everywhere in between is carrying. Only $10 more for the MZ Wallace large metro tote if you’re looking for ultimate space! Shown below in a medium.

mz wallace metro tote

AG LEGGING ANKLE JEANS: you know how you just need those jeans that will fit perfectly even when you go out for Mexican food and eat a little too much (or is that just me?! ha). If you identify with this, oh and you still want them to LOOK GOOD, these are your jeans. Skinny with just the perfect amount of stretch but high quality enough to keep their shape even after major wear.

EmmyLowePhotoMintArrow-7-e1446948733398 (1)

TORY BURCH MILLER SANDALS: the prettiest, fanciest but still comfy flip flop you’ll ever meet. When you need to wear flip flops without wearing flip flops you just need to wear these! I take them on every trip, throw them in my purse if I’m worried about my heels killing me at a fancy event or anywhere I need to be dressed up but on my feet for hours. They’re the pair I keep by the garage door to throw on in a hurry to go literally anywhere – church, the grocery store, you name it, I’ve worn these there.

tory burch miller patent sandals - seriously the best sandals ever!!


Make sure you use code MAY16 at checkout to get $75 off your order of $350 at Saks, or $175 off your order of $700! 

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