Exclusive maskcara makeup discount!!

Red and white maxi dress

A couple weeks ago my beautiful, crazy talented friend Cara from the ultra popular blog maskcara was here and after months and months of saying we should collaborate we finally did! She did a total makeover to my face and because she’s such a nice human, she’s offering an exclusive deal on her makeup that I’m obsessed with to just my readers!

Cara blogs about beauty and cosmetics and hair tips and sometimes just really great things about LIFE so if you’re looking for a good blog to read, hers is one of my very favorites. Plus she has a heart of gold and is truly one of the kindest, sweetest people I’ve ever met! She’s everything you’d hope she would be after you’ve read her blog when you meet her in person, but better.

Anyway back to the makeover! She took my face and basically made it way better than it was in like 5 minutes because that’s the beauty of maskcara makeup, it’s a quick, no-nonsense solution for the busy woman who needs perfect makeup application without buckets of time in front of the mirror. Her highlighting and contouring (HAC pack is what she calls it) is my favorite highlighting and contouring EVER, and the yellows in her makeup perfectly cancel out any of the redness in my skin.

Red and white maxi dress

I wanted to show you guys how incredible my makeup looked the day we shot this outfit, but you’ll have to go to her blog for the before and after to see the transformation!!

And lastly, because she’s so nice and also because I pulled some strings haha, she’s giving you guys 10% off your total order at maskcara beauty now through Friday! Scroll to the bottom of this post for the code, and for the outfit details on this dress!

Red and white maxi dress  Red and white maxi dress  Red and white maxi dress Red and white maxi dress    Red and white maxi dressRed and white maxi dress  Red and white maxi dress  Red and white maxi dress Red and white maxi dress

Red and white maxi dress
Nude ballet flats
Pearl ring
Double x cuff
Maskcara makeup – 10% off with code mintarrow at checkout!
photos by Jordan Zobrist

Thanks Cara for collaborating with me!!

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