HydraSurge Rubber Mask: deep conditioning for your FACE!

Facial Cream Modelling Pack
Face masks in my mind are usually to exfoliate to the max, get dead skin off, pores cleared, and peel really interesting looking layers off my face ha. But THIS new face mask is really something else!

Rubber masks are the hottest skincare trend in Korea right now and I’ve partnered up with Volition and their Korean partner labs to bring this mask innovation to you! Based on all my past face mask experiences I really expected to peel off a dead layer of skin with this mask but instead it literally felt like a deep conditioner for my face! I literally felt like I had just infused my face with butter it was so smooth and soft after.

But here’s the thing, you’ve gotta VOTE for this HydraSurge Rubber Mask through Volition before I can get it into your hands!! Because that’s how Volition works – they only put into production the products you really want, the ones that get the most votes. And trust me when I say, you WANT THIS in your hands! And on your face.

Facial Cream Modelling Pack

I got to test out their formula a couple times in the production process (it hasn’t even been packaged for retail yet!!) and you guys. It’s SO COOL. You mix a powder with a cream and it turns into a RUBBER MASK. On your face!

So I just use the other end of the spoon to spread the cream/powder mixture onto my face, generously (and I mean generously).Β You peel it off a few minutes later to reveal the softest, most hydrated, supple skin you’ve felt in the longest time.

Facial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling Pack Facial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling PackFacial Cream Modelling Pack Facial Cream Modelling Pack

I can see myself getting addicted to these masks for travel, after sitting on an airplane dry as the desert with that nasty circulated air. My skin always drinks up my moisturizer like it’s starving after a flight, and this would be such a great recovery treatment!

And because you guys know I’m all about getting you the deals, I’ve got a deal on this rubber face mask too. If you vote for this mask, you’ll get a chance to buy it at the pre-retail pricing of 20% off!! And if there’s anything I know about my readers, I know we love a good skincare trick and a good deal. So share with your best girlfriends and let’s get enough votes to get a great pre-sale on this amazing little skincare secret!

Facial Cream Modelling Pack

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HydraSurge rubber mask
photos by emmy lowe

Thanks Volition for partnering with me onΒ this post!

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