HOT TIP! Price matching all the friends & family sales!!!

prettiest floral off-the-shoulder dress!

Yesterday I gave you guys the inside scoop on this designer friends & family saleΒ (25% off with code INTHEFAM ending tonight), but it’s SO good that a ton of it is selling out! There’s another designer friends & family sale here too (25% off with code FRIENDS at checkout)! So that’s a LOT of work to pick through all of those and find all the deals and what’s still in stock and what has or hasn’t sold out but GUESS WHAT. I’m about to show you the best tip right now for getting the stuff you want without having to run around to all those sales!

NORDSTROM is the queen of price matching! They often price match these other big retailers and it’s still a lot of work to find the deals and the best stuff.

I meticulously, carefully went through all of Nordstrom’s inventory and found you guys all theΒ best hidden, price-matched deals from Nordstrom right now, including this floral off-the-shoulder dress (that I’m clearly not wearing off-the-shoulder ha!) that I wore to NYFW withΒ these shoes. It’s definitely a more expensive dress so I was waiting for any type of sale I could find on it and wasΒ thrilled when I spotted it on sale this morning!

Below you’ll find all the other AMAZING deals I found this morning for you that are price-matched right now at Nordstrom. I did the work so you don’t have to!

Cover image by emmy lowe photo.

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Hi Corrine! Any idea why the discount code isn’t working for me in check out? I was just wondering if you’ve had anyone else with this issue on their site. When I say “apply code” with “INTHEFAM” typed in, it says “code applied” but nothing happens to the price. I can contact their customer service but wanted to check with you to see if you knew. Thanks girl! Appreciate all that you do:)


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