get skinny with shapewear

perfect little black dress! love this paired with leopard

Let’s just do some #realtalk for a minute. When you’re a woman with curves you’re also often blessed with rolls. They may be little rolls! But rolls nonetheless. I’m talking a little love handle or a tummy roll, even if it’s a little one just when you bend over or sit down. ย especially visible under certain types of clothing. And while it would be awesome to give you a workout or meal plan or nutrition guide that would help you eliminate all the body fat in the world, sometimes you only have a minute to figure that out before you go to a big event or a party or a funeral for heaven’s sake (no pun intended).

Shapewear has been a secret weapon of mine for like ever now, except I’m not that secretive about it. Whyย not slap on something that’s going to just give you a little help and boost your confidence?! I don’t care if it’s the fanciest bash or even just an informal gathering, if I’m wearing a tight dress, chances are there’s some shapewear under there too.

the perfect little black dress! so cute with these strappy black heels and the clare v leopard clutch!

So I’m pretty happy to share this shapewear tip with you because I promise it’s a good one!

Wacoal is one of the top women’s intimates brands in America, but they kill it when it comes to shapewear. I am honestly telling you that I’ve tried all types of shapewear, high and low end, and I’ve never been more impressed than I am with Wacoal’s high waist long leg shaper. My favorite part is that it doesn’t pancake flatten your butt, it lifts your booty while flattening your tummy! This is because of their revolutionary “zoned 4 shape” design, made to slim comfortably while flattering your natural curves. And did you catch that key word comfortably?! I can literally wear this all day without a problem.

the perfect little black dress!the perfect little black dress!

But what about when you just have a top that’s more fitted that you’re pairing with some denim or a flowy skirt, where only your top needs slimming? Wacoal also makes these magical cupless camisole shapers and they’re straight from heaven. They flatten and smooth your belly and sides without making your chest flat! Ha.

fit and flare free people top with white flare jeans! Cute for a casual lunch or date night.

I really love pairing flares with a fitted top but you know how they say abs happen in the kitchen? Well babies happen in bellies and I had one of those 9 months ago SO, I am just loving this cupless camisole for a fitted top. While I work on those abs. In the kitchen. Next to my girl scout cookies.

fit and flare free people top with white flare jeans! Cute for a casual lunch or date night.fitted shirt and white flares! so cute for a casual lunch or date night

little black dress
leopard clutch
strappy heels
worn with wacoal hi-waist long leg shaper

black top
white denim
kate spade bag
black lace-up wedges
worn with wacoal cupless camisole shaper
photos by jordan zobrist

Thanks Wacoal for sponsoring this post!


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What shape wear do you recommend for postpartum?


hey ann! i honestly just use regular shapewear right after i have a baby. i also really love the belly bandit ๐Ÿ™‚


The cupless one looks like it might roll up from the bottom. Does it? And I believe you are lds? How do they work with the other ‘coverage’ you have? Thanks.


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