LAST CHANCE for $150 in free doTERRA faves + the $81 workout gift you can’t pass up!

doterra touch kit oils - AMAZING for using with babies or kids! You don't have to drop oils into your hands or on your fingertips while you're on the go since they have rollerballs. And they're perfectly diluted with fractionated coconut oil for safer usage with littles!

You guys it’s the LAST DAY you can take advantage of getting $150 worth FREE gifts from us. Our doTERRA deal of the month is a set of gifts that Neil and I curated personally because they are some of our favorite touch oils that have made being a mother and a parent so much easier, and supplements that have completely transformed our health and wellness – what we both believe to be the secret sauce to doTERRA, the hidden gem, the underground jewel that nobody talks about but we want everyone to have.

We really believe when you’re PROACTIVE about your health instead of just reactive, meaning when you give these supplements a serious try, or when you practice daily regimens with your children using the touch oils that support healthy functions of the body, you’ll stop things before they even start!

Plus doTERRA is gifting deep blue oil and deep blue rub this month with qualifying orders! After a tough workout, for relief of lower back discomfort during “that time of the month” (I seriously can’t go without this!), before or after moving heavy things, deep blue oil is a game changer. And I love throwing deep blue rub into our gym bag! It’s so popular among athletic trainers, sports practitioners and massage therapists and the demand was so high to make big bottles that doTERRA now sells this in liters with a pump!

doTERRA deep blue essential oil - AMAZING for after a workout or to support sore muscles!

It’s pretty amazing that doTERRA is offering this deep blue set FREE that retails $81.67 at the same time we’re offering our huge $150 gift! That means you’re getting $230 of free stuff!!!

Get all the details about our doTERRA deal of the month HERE because today is the last day!

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