blazer + wedge sneakers + kate spade sales

blazer and wedge sneaks

It’s my first outfit of the new year and I’m LOVING this fresh feel of a blazer with the playfulness of wedge sneakers! It’s a fun combination of sneaker wearing park-going mom meets entrepreneur girl boss with a hint of college girly girl days with that lets sleep in shirt that was calling my name.

Ironically, sleeping in is a total unicorn in my life now. Where I once craved a morning when I could sleep endlessly, I now crave that early morning grind, the quietness of the house before everyone else is up. That’s my most effective time of the day where I can read scripture (ALWAYS first), make my to-do list, get my work rolling and about that time the little ones start crawling out of bed.

But in a couple weeks I’m going on a week-long vacation with just my husband for the FIRST TIME since our honeymoon 4 and a half years ago (I can’t WAIT!) so I may indulge in some of my college girl old ways and sleep till I feel like it. Ha. We’ll see.

Wanna make sure you guys know my little kate spade bag is ON SALE! There’s also a ton of great deals on kate spade bags here, and an extra 25% off all kate spade sale items here with code THRILL at checkout!

I’m planning on wearing this outfit basically anywhere I want. To pick my 3 year old up from preschool, on a girlfriend lunch date, to a business-casual meeting, to the mall where I know I’ll be walking around for a couple hours and need a good pair of comfy shoes. See? Anywhere.blazer and wedge sneakerslets sleep in tee kate spade cedar street maise wedge sneakers lets sleep in teelets-sleep-in-shirtblazer and wedge sneakersblazer + wedge sneakers


pink blazer
let’s sleep in tee
gold wedge sneakers, also available in other sizes here.
black kate spade bag (on sale!)
photos by emmy lowe

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