the things you need to get during gap’s RARE no-exclusion sale

okay time for some real talk … i am lazy, and i hate dragging my children into stores. especially, and i mean ESPECiALLY my 3 year old. so i’ll admit it – i buy most of their clothes online from the gap. they’re well-made, cute, and i can usually get some type of a deal on them.

but it’s super rare and hard to find a deal on some of our favorites like a deal on gap pajamas, or a deal on the baby gap socks we’re ridiculously obsessed with.

but you guys. YOU GUYS! right now you can get 40% off your entire purchase at gap, old navy and banana with code HOLIDAY at checkout and there are almost NO EXCLUSIONS at the gap!!! i mean, this is the most INclusive sale i’ve maybe ever seen them do. make no mistake – this is extremely rare and you HAVE TO take advantage now. i mean if you’re like me, and you spend a lot of your money there. please for the love, use this code and get a deal! plus you get free shipping if your order is over $75.

the rarest discounted items for GAP!

now since i’m getting all crazy psycho about how everyone needs this deal in their life since there are no exclusions, which things are usually excluded that you NEED to get while you can right now for a deal?

baby gap organic line

almost always an exclusion. lyla’s got her organic velour stripe one-piece on here – softest onesie ever. perfectly gender neutral too for the perfect shower gift.



for some reason these are ALWAYS excluded – probably because they know they’re the best and suckers like me will buy them even when they’re not on sale. but now’s your chance to get a deal! and hey there santa, i know you’re going to need these in just 6 short weeks! yes, 6 weeks friends. game face on. p.s. how cute are these falala jammies?!

women’s jeans


for some reason they’re almost always an exclusion. so if you’re a gap jean lover, get some now! these 1969 destructed skinnies have 54 near perfect reviews, people say things like “the perfect jean,” “my new favorite,” and “most comfy jean ever.” okay, done.

remember the freak out about my favorite joggers? they’re BACK IN STOCK and i’ve had 100% positive feedback from everyone who bought them!

best joggers EVER - so soft and comfy!

baby socks

i know this is random, but seriously baby gap makes the BEST BABY SOCKS EVER! they actually stay on little feet. and i kinda like having all matching white socks – makes for much easier matching out of the laundry!


this offer for 40% off your entire purchase at gap, old navy and banana with code HOLIDAY at checkout plus free 3-day shipping on orders over $75 is good through tomorrow, 11/11.


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I also bought a discounted Gap gift card from for an extra 10% off. If you get the ones with an e-voucher code you can use them right away instead of having to wait for the physical gift card to show up.


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