the joggers i’m insanely obsessed with – 40% off today

best joggers EVER - so soft and comfy!

joggers. let’s talk about them.

remember when juicy couture changed the world by making sweats publicly acceptable to wear as cute chic attire? like anywhere except maybe church or a funeral? and then all the lazy girls had ourselves a big fat pity party when they went out of style? girls, my girls who lived and died for those days when going to the store in a juicy suit was in, there’s a new kid on the block. she’s ridiculously comfy, she looks put together at all times, and she’s your newest way to wear sweats undercover – EVERYWHERE.

the jogger. but not just any jogger because some joggers will literally make you look like the frump fest you’re actually working so hard to avoid. no, you can’t just throw on any jogger and call it good.

in all honesty i was excited but mildly skeptical when i first started seeing the jogger emerge everywhere. could it be? is it she? or too good to be true?

and then i ordered these joggers and my life CHANGED.Β 

i know sometimes i exaggerate but THIS TIME I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!!!!!! i am massively, crazy, insanely in love, no not even just in love, COMPLETELY OBSESSED with these joggers!

they are comfy.

they are cozy.

they are softer than a rich person’s cashmere sweater.

they are flattering.

they run big (so you can size down and feel skinny when you order ha).

they go with flats or slip-ons or pumps or kitten heels or booties. especially booties.

they are for lounging or casual lunching or grocery shopping or target runs or airport style or anytime you just can’t think about one more thing and need an automatic go-to outfit.

these joggers + plain tee + fave bootiesΒ = day made.Β (and yes these are the exact items i’m wearing above)

these joggers come in 2 fabulous colors (black and grey) and i own both.

and you can get a DEAL on them and payΒ $36 (originally $60!) with the code below.

right now these joggers are 40% off with code LOVE at checkout. that code only works until 11:59 p.m. PT tonight folks so get them while you can. and tell ALLLLLLL yo friends. because sweats everywhere is back and better than ever.

p.s. because i’ve had so many people ask, here’s the link to my mirror! full tour of my master bedroom coming soon.

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Just ordered these!! I’m excited!!


you will love them! πŸ™‚


I love the look of these joggers and nearly purchased but am hung up by the dry clean only label. Do you dry clean your joggers?


hey pamela, nope! i’ve just washed in cold + line dried after and they still look perfect πŸ™‚


You have to dry clean them?


oh my gosh NO!! haha. not in this life! i’ve washed cold + line dried and they’ve been perfect!


Thank God for your daily emails – I just ordered the black and would have bought grey, too, but they just sold out in my size (will check in store). None of your suggested purchases have let me down yet! I’m excited for these πŸ™‚ thank you!!


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