magic trick jeans (on sale)


i feel like if we’ve been friends for a long time here, you probably already know this trick. BUT, for my new friends, it’s only fair that i share my best secrets again just in case they missed them.

you read for this? photo ready jeans. they are a magic trick for your legs! for your butt. for your thighs. j. brand jeans’ photo ready jeans are a game changer. and one of my fave pairs just went ON SALE. and you know what happens around here when things go on sale! i go ahead and spill the beans and then stuff sells out FAST.


this pair is nice too because they aren’t like ultra super skinny – more of a relaxed skinny but STILL giving you that photo ready magic trick effect. i’m usually drawn to a more super skinny jean but it’s nice to mix things up!


i have to do a little more secret sharing too on these fringe booties! i kind of have a problem with seeing a fringe bootie and instantly needing it! ha. these taupe fringe booties though are SO COMFY. i actually left them in utah for my mom to wear because i insisted that she try them on (because she’s hard to please when it comes to shoe comfort) and sure enough she was like “oh WOW these really are comfortable!”

they’re on sale here but the site has been down for me this morning so if this link isn’t working, try again later today!


and can we just have a moment of silence for the floppy felt hat and all the days it has saved me from bad hair day shame?


and shout out to my mz wallace bag – my loyal travel companion who never lets me down. squishy enough for even the fullest suitcase, functional enough for beach or travel, diaper bag or solo, and pretty enough for any causal look.


floppy hat // tee // cardigan // black denim // fringe booties // x ring // tote bag

photos by emmy lowe

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Link for the jeans is not working :(‘


Got it


oh sorry about that! the links in my email this morning weren’t working for some reason but in the blog post they are! πŸ™‚


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