huge UGG flash sale!!

hey ugg lovers, there’s a HUGE ugg flash sale that just went live and i just had to make sure you knew about!


right now you can get uggs on sale for men, women, kids and babies for 30-45% off! we’ve gotten amazing deals during this sale for myself and my babies to wear all winter long.

even though we don’t live in utah, we do use them when it cools down here in the winter (it actually does!!) and for sure when we visit utah throughout the winter. these are totally a must if you have a winter baby, it’s so nice to have these and not worry at all about their little toes getting cold. anabelle wore hers EVERYWHERE the first two winters of her life when we lived in utah.

if your babe is between sizes or if you’re second guessing, size up! i always buy a little bigger than what my girls currently need and then that size lasts them all winter.

this huge ugg flash sale will last for a couple days but the good stuff will go FAST so act quickly if you want some!

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