5 tips on getting REAL deals from eBay


today i’m absolutely thrilled to partner again with ebay fashion to show you a couple staple pieces to transition into fall, and share some tips on how to get REAL luxury items on the cheap.

my first post with ebay shared some little-known secrets on ebay fashion. after that post went live i had SO many readers ask me about spotting a real from a fake, so today i’m diving deeper into that subject.

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recently i scooped up a couple major luxury steals on valentino bow pumps and karen walker sunglasses to wear to fashion week. here’s what i did to ensure they were real and i was (literally) getting what i bargained for:

  1. 98% or above: i look for at least 98% positive scores when i shop on ebay. if 98% of that buyer’s customers have been satisfied, chances are i will be too, as long as they’ve sold to more than their 3 best friends. which leads me to my next tip . . .
  2. numbers matter: i also really look at how many people have rated a seller. if they’ve sold with 99% positive rates to hundreds or (even better!) thousands of people, you’re looking at a pretty safe bet. the exception to this is if an item is used and it’s clear you’re looking at a person who’s cleaning out their closet, not a power-seller (someone who’s making a career out of eBay sales). in this case, if they have at least over 50 positive ratings, the next step is to look at what items they’ve sold in the past. make sure if you’re about to buy designer heels from someone, they’ve sold someone else genuine, authentic designer heels or items of similar value with positive feedback.
  3. top rated plus: if you really want to buy securely, look for the little “top rated plus” icon next to listings that looks like a ribbon from a county fair. that little icon tells you that the seller is highly experienced and has an excellent track record, has committed to ship their items within 1 day, and you even get a 14 day money-back return period.
  4. READ carefully: i can’t stress enough how important it is to read and re-read the description before buying. if you buy something where the seller clearly discloses that there’s damage or something missing or is “inspired by” but not the actual item, you are ultimately at fault. a lot of buyers can be mislead by items that seem like a deal that’s too good to be true, and don’t take the time to read the description and suddenly a case for sunglasses instead of the designer sunnies you thought you were getting show up on your door. and instead of getting $500 sunglasses for $50, you realize you just paid $50 for a sunglass case. give yourself a high-five in the face.
  5. shop in the USA: others might disagree, but i feel like your best bet for getting 100% authentic designer items is to buy them from someone who’s selling and shipping in the states. there are lots of great sellers from canada too!

onto this amazing outfit! i found a couple really amazing staple pieces in ebay’s fashion category for my fall wardrobe that are so good i feel like you need them too.


first off, these spanx leggings. yes, you read that right – SPANX LEGGINGS. they suck you in at all the right places, they’re completely opaque (NOT see-thru) and are ribbed so they look more like a pant than just a legging if you know what i mean. these are perfect for pairing with any long tunic top, sweater, or short dress that will help you flawlessly transition into fall.

next you must know about these little griege booties. griege is totally the it color this fall if you ask me. i’m seeing it pop up EVeryWHERE. trust me when i say these are suuuuuuper comfy. and i love that they match my new tory bag perfectly.


my karen walker sunnies that i bought for fashion week were begging to be worn, so i threw them in this outfit too and wasn’t one bit mad about it!

and you know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while about my love for alex & ani bracelets! my current collection consists of the starfish, oyster, pineapple, bumblebee, university of utah, A initial (for anabelle), L initial (for lyla), and seashell.


ebay is making me feel all fancy today and has featured my top picks on their fashion landing page (pinch me!) so go take a look at my curated collection of ebay deals going on right now.


outfit details: sunnies // flannel shirt // leggings // booties // bag // bracelets

photos by ashlee brooke photography

thanks ebay and shopstyle for sponsoring this post!


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A lot of authentic designer items come from Canadian sellers too! As an experienced ebay buyer I agree completely with your assessment on sellers. Ebay also is really good at getting involved when there is a dispute with a seller (ie item says authentic and it’s not or item never showed up).


oh that’s such a good point cynthia! i am going to add that to my post 🙂


I was SO excited to see you wearing these booties! I just bought them before they sold out on sole society! My first purchase there with 20% off! I can’t wait to get them tomorrow! Thank you for the ebay tips, my husband uses ebay all the time but I worry about using it for designer items, great tips!


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