how to score big on ebay


one of the questions i get on repeat from my readers is “do you ever shop at ebay? and what are your tips?” so today i’m thrilled to partner with ebay on my tricks to scoring big on the ocean of deals that ebay offers.

my love affair with ebay started back when i was a poor college student, a girl with champagne taste on a beer budget – figuratively speaking of course (i attended the most “stone cold sober” school in the country haha). i wasn’t above buying second-hand jeans, shoes or bags and guess what. i saved big, and no one was the wiser.

one way i utilize ebay is if i want something that’s totally sold out everywhere or a past season item. you know that pair of shoes that you see and you’re like, i want those so bad but do i need them? should i really spend the coin? and you walk away. and then they HAUNT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS. you think about them when you’re washing your hair, brushing your teeth, tying your shoe laces. eating thanksgiving dinner. well, these tory burch navy penny wedges are those shoes for me.


i tried them on THREE times in store. walked away each time trying to tell myself i didn’t need them. then they sold out everywhere. ebay to the rescue! not only did i find a pair of these totally sold out tory burch navy penny wedges, they were a good deal too! SCORE.

same thing with this clare v clutch. when piperlime was going under, i totally had my eye on this beauty, but i passed it up because “do you really need another clutch corrine” was bouncing around my brain like my own personal jiminy cricket. but then it sold out and i couldn’t stop thinking about it. so what did i do? find it on ebay of course, for even cheaper than i would’ve paid for it back then. SCORE again.


but wait! ebay isn’t just for old school stuff. it’s also great for scoring deals on brand new, never used, direct from the retailer. ebay has tons of retail partners that sell directly like rebecca minkoff, alex and ani, and american apparel to name a few.

you can often get really good deals in their ebay stores on things like these rebecca minkoff low rise jane skinny jeans that are 50% off currently! these jeans have the prettiest subtle bluish wash over the white, so they’re a little different than your typical pair of white denim. they have a little stretch and fit true to size!


i also found a few alex and ani bracelets i’ve been wanting forever, like the bumble bee, oyster, and university of utah ute logo (yes, a byu grad but a DIE HARD ute fan).

these came directly from alex and ani but they shipped FREE. yes please and thank you.


i also found these ray ban wayfarers for a major SCORE throughย ebay’s fashion page. the dealer i bought from had a 99% positive rating and has over 600k ratings, so i knew it was a pretty safe bet! they came brand new, perfect, and totally authentic.


ebay loved my picks so much that they put together my own little mint arrow top fashion finds page! i was so flattered. thanks ebay!!


ray ban waferers c/o ebay
navy tee
rebecca minkoff white denim c/o ebay
tory burch penny wedges c/o ebay
clare v clutch c/o ebay
alex and aniย bumble bee, oyster, and university of utah ute logoย bracelets, c/o ebay

thanks ebay and shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

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