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first of all. this swimsuit. every time i wear it – EVERY time, someone stops me to ask where i got it. and they’re always surprised when i say GAP! yep. the gap. sorry ryan gosling.

and although gap is almost always having some kind of sale, they also almostΒ always exclude women’s swimwear from their promo codes.

but right now you can get 40% off you entire order PLUS free 2-day shipping at GAP, banana and old navy with code 2DAY at checkout.Β this is evenΒ better than friends & family because you get the 2-day shipping free too!!!

for gap this code includes almost everything – even swimwear! so this $60 perfect one piece drops down to $36, and you’ll get it 2-day mail, in time to wear it for labor day weekend!

if stripes aren’t your thing OR if you’re looking for an even cheaper price, this perfect one piece comes in black too and is already on sale for $39.99 so you’ll get it for $23.99 with the code 2DAY.

if you’re wondering what else you should stock up on with this rare coupon, here’s a post i did recently on the rarest deals to grab during gap’s friends & family sale. pretty much all those same rare inclusions are going to work with this code too!


stripe one piece

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Hey – this isn’t working on any of the baby gap items you reference in your “rarest deals to grab during gap’s friends & family sale”… am I doing something wrong, or does this code not work for baby gap?


Shoot. Looks like it was a one day thing (code is already expired, I wasn’t quick enough on the draw! ugh.)


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