best wedges ever (on sale)


sometimes i exaggerate. i totally admit it, completely and fully.

but today’s title is no exaggeration.

these, my friends, are the best wedges ever. EVER. wanna know why?

untitled-9156 untitled-9147

i walked around the mall for 3 hours yesterday in these babies and my feet DID NOT HURT after. i mean, talk about amazing right?! i’m sure you’ve figured this out already but they’re incredibly comfortable. the leather is like butter on your feet. and there’s something about the way this wedge is constructed that makes it infinitely more comfortable than any other wedge i’ve ever worn.


the rest of the outfit is pretty great too! this bag has been a total workhorse for me. it’s survived an attack of pen from a two year old (got it all out with rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls!), multiple work trips carrying my laptop and everything else i shove in there, and tons of daily use. it’s just a really great staple that i knew when i purchased would serve so many purposes and it totally does.


these jeans were the first pair i bought after having lyla. i tried on like 20 pair and these were the most Β stretchy, comfy and flattering. because you know, after a baby = stretchy pants! the ankle length is perfect for these wedges too.


really loving this super flowy free people top too. it’s been worn a LOT since i started nursing again. lots of white tees are too sheer for me but this one has just the right amount of thickness to not show anything underneath.


wedges (on sale!)
bracelets: pineapple, seashell, cupcake, anchor, starfish, my girls’ initials
lipstick (snob)


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Great post! I would love for you to share more of your favorite nursing tops. I feel like I am in a fashion rut because so many tops are not easy for nursing and the ones that are, just aren’t cute! HELP! πŸ˜‰


Hey question do the wedges fit true to size or does the leather stretch? I have them in my shopping cart but want to make sure that they are true to size.


yes, true to size! πŸ™‚

Stephanie Young:

I want you to know I just purchased the bag and wedges. SO excited! Pretty soon I’ll be searching for a pair of booties to match the bag. For someone that always buys BLACK, I am excited to have a bag that isn’t black. Thank you for the tip on the wedges, great price!!


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