basically stealing luxury items!!


okay don’t be mad at me, but see this louis vuitton keepall 50 bag above? i just bought it … for 40% off consignment! i’ve kind of always wanted this luggage for all the traveling i do, but at $1,370 i mean, that was just silly.

but today when i saw it for $555 i snatched it up as quick as i could!

it’s nearly impossible to find a DEAL on a designer like louis vuitton. louis vuitton sales are about as common as a snow day in southern california.

and although this is a high-end deal blog, i try to only cover luxury items when they’re aΒ really good deal. and today is definitely, without question, one of those days!

TODAY ONLY you can get 40% off luxury consignment during this luxury consignment flash sale! i picked through everything and found some pretty amazing stuff. here are some of my favorites:

these jimmy choo sunglasses are $78 (orig $130) and so classic! a similar pair of jimmy choos at nordstrom are $375.


jimmy choo sunglasses 40% off!


kind of in love with these hot pink miu miu pumpsΒ that are $81 with the discount! 81 dollars!!!! a pair of miu miu pumpsΒ regulary will run you $700-1k.




tom ford sunnies are totally my weakness! i had some and they were STOLEN out of my car. i still haven’t replaced them yet because a typical pair of tom ford sunglasses are around $400. these tom ford sunglasses are $78! DYING!!

tom ford sunglasses on sale!


lastly, people ask me ALL the time for a deal on christian louboutin heels. another needle-in-a-haystack type of find. but these christian louboutin suede ankle booties are $300! that’s like stealing! don’t believe me? here’s an almost identical pair of christian louboutin ankle booties, for over $1k.

christian louboutin booties on sale!

you can shop the entire luxury flash sale here, and if you’re looking for a particular designer just search it in their search box. i’m pretty confident you’ll love the prices you find!

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Hi Corrine! I was wondering how your experience was in purchasing your LV? I have been looking to purchase one from that site but am hesitant and have not read any follow up about your purchase on your site. Could you please relay your thoughts???


hey melissa! my LV was totally genuine and i’d for sure order from them again! πŸ™‚


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