boon flair $156: lowest price ever!!


YOU GUYS!!! this is one of my very most favorite baby gear items EVER, and the best price i’ve ever seen!

right now you can get the boon flair high chair in white/orange for $155.91 shipped when you go to this page and if you’re on mobile, scroll down and click on “New from $155.91” or if you’re on a desktop, scroll down and under “other sellers” choose the first option for $155.91.

we have this high chair in cherry (no longer sold) and seriously i’m obsessed with it. i LOVE its pneumonic lift (goes up and down like a barber chair), wipes clean with no cracks or crevices for food to hide out in, and the removable tray is small enough to easily fit in the top rack of your dishwasher.



our boon flair has endured a ton of abuse from our very crazy active two and a half year old, and it still looks brand new! easily one of the best baby gear investments we ever made.

no idea how long this sale will last or how many are in stock so act fast if you want one!!!


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Already commented on Instagram but need to voice it again here – thank you so much for finding this deal!


I went to the site and cant find it 🙁


Thanks for sharing this great deal! Just purchased for our babe on the way.


Ii am really curious to know what you are feeding your little baby?? How old is she now?


haha! this is a really old picture of my older daughter anabelle, when she was about a year old 🙂


I added this to my cart a few hours ago and got sidetracked before actually buying it and it’s sold out!!!!!!!! I have been following your blog for months waiting for THIS DEAL and I missed it! Grrrrr. Please post this deal again if it comes up!!


So bummed I missed this sale!

Lindsey Luke:

Thanks so much for this deal Corrine! I ordered 2 for my twins and just got them Friday, they love the high chairs! They are almost 6 months so will be trying some solids soon. Thanks again 🙂


yay i’m so happy to hear that! you will love them even more once you start using them! 🙂


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