anthro goodies!!! MUST HAVE jammies + hidden swim discount + free ship (no minimum)

anthro calandra sleep pants

you guys. i went to anthro yesterday, in hopes of buying some cute post-maternity clothes that would flatter my still recovering body but get me out of my jammies every day and DANGIT, guess what i left the store with? MORE JAMMIES. but i couldn’t help it! these brand new anthro pom pajama pants are SO CUTE. so cute i could die! like cuteness that goes beyond belief. and obviously i wasn’t the only one who thought so because these are like brand new and ALMOST gone at my local store. they had ONE medium left in blue, and otherwise just XS and XL in both the green and blue.

*p.s. since i’ve had several people ask! i absolutely love this anthro quiltΒ and shams and have been happier with it than any other bedding i’ve ever purchased. seriously, ever.

so if you’re interested in a pair i’m gonna say you need to get yourself some anthro pom pajama pants NOW. because they’re so perfect. breezy, cute, little pom trim at the bottom, flatter your bum, prettiest print, perfect length, i guarantee they’ll sell out so quick at every retail store and probably online too. so either follow my advice or don’t come crying to me when they’ve disappeared!

next up. anthro swimsuits. it’s summer, and everyone’s thinking about what they’re wearing to the pool or beach. apparently anthro knows this because they have a hidden discount on all swimwear and cover ups right now. yep! 30% off ALL full priced anthropologie swimwear and coverup styles onlineΒ (discount taken off automatically at checkout).Β and yes, this is only online because their swimwear is only sold online unless they get a return in-store. so you kind of just have to guess with sizing BUT that leads me to my next goody:

FREE SHIPPING!!! and not just free shipping. free shipping NO MINIMUM! i love love LOVE it when anthro does this. because often for them it’s free shipping on orders over $150, so when they give us this freebie it’s like christmas day for me. to get the free shipping on ANY order just use code 2DAYTREAT at checkout.

here are the swimsuits that i’m seeing sell out extremely fast, that have extremely high ratings. i just ordered a bunch of these. because 30% OFF!!!!! and free shipping. on swimsuits you need anyway. it’s a no-brainer.


ruffled halter maillot: i totally own this and it’s SO cute and flattering. also, anyone nursing a babe this summer like me? this swim top is perfect for that. the foldover front gives baby easy access for nursing.



mix and match peplum tankini top: this is going to be everyone’s go-to tankini top who’s fighting muffin top this summer, who needs just a little extra help covering up the midsection! make sure you get the matching midrise ruffle bottoms or ruched bottoms. this swimsuit is selling like hotcakes and gone already in several sizes in the cutest colors!



seafolly summer garden boyleg maillot: this swimsuit gets EXTREMELY high ratings and is available in tons of different colors but it WILL sell out. i repeat, this little number will disappear! so if you’re in love, get it while it’s still available and (duh) on SALE! see it also in navy or black, pineapple (!!! – which isn’t photographed so cute on their site but i’m guessing is WAY CUTE in person), poppy floral, black center floral, or for those who can’t stand a one piece (i get it, it’s a pain to go pee), royal blue tankini style.


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Sarai Hansen:

Mix & Match Peplum Tankini Top is darling! Thank you for posting!

Also, congratulations on your newest little munchkin! Your family is absolutely adorable.


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