best of the MEN’S nordstrom half yearly sale

Photo May 22, 7 53 49 AM

this picture … does it just make you want to melt into a puddle or is it just me? maybe it’s just me. but i swear there’s something about a man holding a baby! where was i going with this? ha. oh yes. the nordstrom half yearly sale!

today i picked some of my favorites from the men’s selection of the nordstrom half yearly sale, including this 7 diamonds shirt that my husband has on in this picture. i picked it up right before lyla was born so he could wear it in her newborn photos. i actually got him 3 new shirts and had him pick his favorite and this was the winner. perfect fit, neutral color, and at 40% off you can’t go wrong.

oh also, because a few people asked when i posted a teaser on insta of these newborn photos a few days ago, i got lyla’s headband and wrap here.

here are some of the other things we’re loving from the men’s nordstrom half yearly sale. almost all of these are 40% off and a majority of them neil has and loves. any of these would make great father’s day gifts!!


shop the entire nordstrom half yearly sale for men here.

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