this year’s “it” sandal

hi guys and HAPPY FRIDAY! can you believe we made it? this week was one that felt like a month for me, but i’m finally here and you better believe i’m celebrating. and by celebrating i mean shopping.

and by shopping i’m thinking shoes. spring shoes. sandals. the cute kind. the practical kind. the kind that will make my heart sing with happiness when i push “checkout.” ha.

and so today i’m showing you some of my favorite sandals from nordstrom this season, and i’m doing it. i’m boldly calling out the “it” sandal.

now of course, this is totally a matter of opinion, and maybe some people will disagree with me. but this sandal is so pretty. so feminine. so flattering. and i predict, the sandal that will sell out everywhere. cute enough to dress up jeans but pretty enough to wear with a dress.

this lace up sandal that just landed in my closet is everything.


don’t be deceived by their possibly high-maintenance appearance. it’s actually not that hard to lace up and i’m not lying when i say it’s quite comfy!


even my pregnant self could easily walk around in these sandals for a couple hours and feel just fine.


this lace up sandal comes in 3 amazing neutrals but i chose the gold snakeskin because, GOLD SNAKESKIN!


lipstick (in snob)

and now for some more shopping options! these are some of my favorite spring and summer sandals. some are pretty, some practical, some saves and some splurges. but they all have one thing in common: they ALL belong in my closet. haha.

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I’m 30 weeks pregs, would you advise sizing up in the dress?


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