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so, first of all i just have to address the fact that it’s april 1st, and therefore myΒ least favorite holiday – april fool’s day. call me scrooge, or the grinch, but i hate april fool’s day! it gives me anxiety ALL. DAY. LONG. ha. anyway … needless to say, this is just a regular old post and not any type of april fool’s joke!

i found my favorite blow dryer EVER on sale and decided i’d not only share the sale with you but also spill some secrets on getting the best at-home blow out! i’ve tried sooooooo many products and although i’m no professional stylist, these are the tools and products that give me the closest thing to a professional blowout! plus where to find ALL of them on sale.

solia thermal iconic hair dryerON SALE HERE right now 20% off with code SOLIASPRING at checkout, plus free shipping! after trial and error with so many dryers, some too heavy, some too hot, some didn’t work fast enough, THIS ONE IS THE WINNER. in my book at least. light weight, dries my hair SO fast, leaves it feeling super soft and healthy. i’m beyond obsessed.

redken pillow proof – seriously makes my hair dry SO much faster! i was skeptical when i bought it, thus the travel size, but after using it a half dozen times i’m sold and i’ll be immediately buying the full size as soon as the little guy runs out! ON SALE HERE.

the wet brush – we cannot go a day without this in our house! we actually have like 4. or 5 maybe. i’ve lost count. but it’s the only thing i’ll brush my wet hair with (and dry hair!) because it magically gets tangles out, even for my little two year old who has the nappiest morning hair i’ve ever seen. ON SALE HERE.

kerastase nutritive oleo-relax serum – this makes my hair so soft and shiny! i only need ONE pump for all my hair, and i have a LOT of hair. i also love using this when i need to soften, brush, and re-style my clip in hair extensions. ON SALE HERE.

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Just purchased the Solia via the link you provided πŸ™‚ been wanting a new blow dryer for awhile and this post was the push I needed. Thank you! Will try the Kerastase once my Moroccan oil runs out.


oh yay! you will love it πŸ™‚


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