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you guys. i have had theeeee craziest week. my site got hacked, i’m like 13 months pregnant (not really ha, but it feels like it!) and … are you ready for this?

we bought a house!

yep. i’m so excited! we are just moving down the street, and the timing isn’t like maybe the smartest thing we’ve ever done, with me having a baby in just a couple weeks, BUT it just kind of came together this way and we are so excited for this new chapter in our life.

white paint guide

i love almost everything about the house but (unfortunately) hated the yellowish beige interior paint, which happened to be brand new (of course!). so after some pinterest browsing, stalking interior designer blogs / instas i love, i decided to paint the whole house white. yep, the WHOLE house. my husband about died when i told him. he hates white walls. i basically said, sorry! happy wife = happy life. funny enough, he went over to check on progress today and, just like i told him he would, he loves it. i can’t wait to show you the after butΒ i was super lucky and got to work with becki owens on the “before.”

since i’m self-admittedlyΒ terrible with picking the right colors and having an overall vision with interior design, i teamed up with becki owens – an interior designer whose work i’ve LOVED for like ever – on picking the perfect white. if you’re thinking about painting a wall white you have to go read her post! she’s got a great step-by-step guide up today and explains just how we picked the perfect white for my house.

white paint guide

and since we are about to move into a new place, i’ve been shopping lots the past few days for some new fun pieces for our home and wanted to share the love. all these things are ON SALE, some of them only through today!

in love with these curtains, that are buy 2 get 15% off


isn’t this dresser so cute?! already $180 off plus an extra 30% off at checkout (no code necessary).


but i also love this lacquered white dresser that’s not bad for the size and quality! it’s not “on sale” but is marked “big deal” so it counts, right?!


kinda dreaming big with this mirror but as elvis said, i can’t help falling in love. 25% off through tonight (no code necessary).


this floor mirror is just as dreamy and less expensive AND also on sale for $250 off plus an extra 30% off at checkout (no code necessary) brings it to basically half off original price. that my friends is bargain shopping, and that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.


i’m definitely ordering this media console tonight because it’s cute, affordable, and fits perfectly into the space we have for one in the new house. it’s 10% off today with code SPRING10 at checkout!


and let’s just end on a high note. this chair. no words. oh wait, i lied: SALE.
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Madeline @ Whitewall Collective:

Congratulations! I was surprised to see you both in the picture as you’re two of my favorite bloggers to follow. We were in the exact same boat with painting the house all white. Initially my hubby couldn’t stand it, but it’s so fresh and bright. And surprisingly easy to care for with littles running around. Good luck with your move!



thank you madeline!


I just read Becki’s post and you’re going to love White Dove! We painted our guest room that color last year, and I love going in there. It’s so pretty and white but still soft. So even if your husband hates white walls, that one shouldn’t be a problem πŸ™‚



i am already loving it so much, so glad to hear you love it too!


What sandals are you wearing in this post? I’ve been looking for cute ones like those πŸ™‚


hey nicole! they’re sam edelman, i got them here for a really good deal πŸ˜‰


OK CONGRATULATIONS on your new home! AND…..PLEASE have Becki share what pants she is wearing. They are too cute for words!!!


thanks so much tammy! i know aren’t they so cute?! here’s where she got them πŸ™‚


Love your blog!!! Just have to say you have saved me a lot of money and also supported my shopping addiction πŸ˜‰ I need to paint our whole first and 2nd level and love the idea of white. Question- do u have wainscotting on any walls? White on white?


hey lindsay! thanks so much, i’m so glad it’s been helpful πŸ™‚
i WISH i had wainscotting! but i do have crown molding throughout my house and the white on white looks really good, i think. πŸ˜‰


So cute! I really want to see house pictures! I love your style so much, id love to see it translated into home decor!!!


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