the prettiest mint trench coat there ever was

mint trench coat

i’m creeping toward the end of my pregnancy which means a few things. it means the end is near (YAY) and also #holycrapimgoingtohavetwokids. it means that people are super nice to you every where you go because they feel bad for your ginormous basketball belly that feels far more like a bowling ball. and one thing is for certain: it means that finding clothes that still make you feel cute is like finding a needle in a haystack.

so, when i set out to look for something springy and fun that i could actually feel cute in too, i started with my go-to home base – nordstrom. i looked and i looked and i looked until BAM when i saw this mint trench coat, i knew it was the one. and when nordstrom’s true fit guide, that i trust with my life because it has never let me down, told me that this coat would be a perfect fit, it was in my cart and on my way to my doorstep in about 10 seconds flat.

i was pretty much over the moon to discover that not only had nordstorm’s true fit prediction been spot on yet again, but the coat’s sleeves of this mint trench coat were the perfect length and it was also perfection in fabric weight. not too heavy that it felt like a winter coat, but not so light that it wouldn’t provide a bit of warmth on those transitional springy days where it’s still a little cool outside in the morning and evening.

enough about the mechanics of this mint trench coat though. can we just talk about how cute it is? cute enough to make even an 8.5 month pregnant girl feel cute. and that, my friends, is no small task.

mint trench coat

oh also, can i just say that i totally splurged on these tory wedges and they were TOTALLY WORTH IT? i’m seriously so in love.

tory burch wedgeEmmyLowePhotoMintArrow-14EmmyLowePhotoMintArrow-12mint trench coatmint trench coat

mint trench coat
tunic dress
maternity denim
wedge sandals
photos by emmy lowe photo

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here are some other trench coats i LOVE from nordstrom this season:

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shop all of nordstrom’s spring trench coats here.


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Miranda M:

Shut up you are NOT 8.5 months pregnant and looking that hot! You make this 6 month prego lady feel like prego women CAN look gorg and this pregnancy (my third) I’ve totally tried 10 times harder to look presentable and wear heels (okay, wedges) which is no small feat. Also, I’m 5′ 9 3/4 is the coat broad enough in the shoulders? I hate that I feel like I’ve got man shoulders being this tall


oh thanks miranda you’re so nice! i’m 5’9 too and i feel like it’s perfect! but like i said in my post, i really trust the true fit guide so use that and it will help you pick the right size for you 😉

Karla Jackson:

I really, really wanted to have my name put in the drawing that was offered on studio 5, but I’m not sure where to go and how to register for the drawing! I sure hope you can add me in for a chance to win the baby drawing!!! Thanks, karla


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