LAST DAY to get $50 off any $100+ purchase at neiman’s

neiman marcus $50 off any $100+ purchase

today is the LAST DAY you can get $50 off any purchase over $100 at neiman marcus when you use visa checkout herevisa checkout is free and available to anyone using a major debit or credit card.

this offer is perfect for any designer item you’ve had your eyes on over $100. it works with almost anything sold at neiman’s, although there are a few minor restrictions you’ll want to check out here to be sure.

i picked out some of my favorite items that are eligible for this $50 off discount. this is LITERALLY like having someone hand you $50 cash for buying anything over $100 at neiman’s! if any of these things have been on your wishlist and you’re going to purchase them anyway sometime soon, might as well save $50!!!


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