HOT!! BOB strollers 39% off!

BOB stroller 39% off!

if you’re looking for a deal on the BOB stroller THIS is it!!! right now you can get the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller in Navy or Orange for $279.99 (that’s 39% off the retail price of $459.99)!

we haven’t seen them go this low since LAST january when they were 40% off, 1% difference. i watched the BOB like a hawk all year and that january deal the best price so if you’re going to want this stroller sometime in the next YEAR i highly suggest jumping on this deal as FAST as you can before they sell out!

we have a BOB stroller and LOVE it to death! if you’re into running or even jogging and you are going to take yours on rough terrain this is a must. this is the ONLY stroller i will take on the beach trail here – my other strollers are a pain in the butt on the sand. i also know tons of people who use this as a jogger AND their primary stroller and they swear by it as the only stroller you need!

*update* if you’re in the market for a duallie (the double) you can get the BOB Revolution SE Duallie in Navy, Orange or Black here for $432.81 (retail $669) with codes HEYBABY20 and TIZTHESEAZN at checkout. that’s 35% off! thanks reader regina for messaging me about this!

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HEYBaby 20% and SAVE FOR additional 20%


Just purchased the BOB Revolution SE Single! Thank you so much for the head’s up on this amazing deal. Our first baby is due in June and we’ve been researching the best deal we can find on BOBs – this took the cake! Thanks!


yay you’re welcome!


Hadn’t checked website/read emails for a few days…. been searching for a BOB revolution single, and saw this…. apparently the deal is already over because I clicked on link and it doesn’t have that price…. so it must not be on sale anymore…. :*( …. SOOOOO Sad.


so sorry dana!! 🙁


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