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for years and years i’ve gone to the same place over and over every holiday season to get my holiday decor: taipan trading. if you’re not from utah you may not have heard of them, but your life is about to get better right now if you haven’t.

taipan has beautiful, totally unique decor at incredibly affordable prices! stuff that you can’t find anywhere else, at “WHAT!” prices. seriously.

so this year when taipan asked me if i wanted to team up on a project i said YES!!! because seriously, they are my fave for holiday decor.

i was beyond thrilled when i found out that they have a southern california store just up the street in costa mesa! because taipans dot the map in utah but i figured they would be as rare as fry sauce and swig stops down here but nope, they were just a quick car ride away. we took a trip up there last week and picked out all the decor to put together a frosty blue tree and i’m pretty much obsessed.

here’s a peek into their store:


but don’t be too sad if they’re not located close to you! they have an awesome online selection too called taipan trading deals that you can shop right from your home in jammies.

let me just openly admit that i’m not the diy crafty type. i’m just not. i don’t own a scrapbook, or a silhouette or a cricket or a grasshopper or anything like that. i am not the type who looks at something in a store and says “i’ll go home and make that myself,” i’m the type who thinks “i hope i can afford that because buying it is the only way it will be in my house.” if i’m preaching to the choir, taipan is your store too!

so i loved the tree above and decided to enlist the help of maren at the costa mesa store with helping me recreate something similar, but sticking more with blues and pearls and burlap. i think it turned out pretty cute!

maren helped me tie ribbons tied ribbons for me (remember the “i don’t craft” part) and then showed me just how many big, medium and small ornaments i would need to decorate my 7.5′ flocked tree. and then with a few design tips i’ll share below, i took it home and went to work!



the first tip she had which was seriously a GAME CHANGER: with smaller ornaments that you want hanging from the tips of the branch, wrap them tight so they hang right off the branch. none of the string should show. i of course had never thought of this and VOILA! what a difference! i did this to my old tree too and it looks about 1 million times better. see the overall effect:


and then of course evenly disperse the big ornaments. start with the biggest and place them evenly around the tree, and then go to medium, and then small. probably obvious to all you geniuses out there. totally a revelation to me.


and let’s just make a sidenote of this adorable burlap tree skirt! have you ever seen anything cuter?


and here’s the finished product!


oh and i have to show you my burlap ruffle stockings! i died when i saw these LAST YEAR and they only had 1 left in the sandy utah taipan store. so i was pretty much ecstatic to see them fully stocked in the costa mesa store last week!

taipan-9 taipan-10

and now for that exclusive discount! because at this point i know you guys are all wondering how you can get the goods and (of course) get a discount.

right now you can get 30% off stockings online at taipan with the code MINTARROW, or if you live close to a store you can mention mint arrow to get 30% off stockings and 25% off one christmas item!

let me know if you guys find anything online or in store that you love!


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Emily Lane:

Corrine your holiday decor is gorgeous. I’m loving the oversized bulbs and burlap tree skirt. Moments ago I placed an order with tpt online for some of those adorable ruffle stockings and I cannot wait for them to arrive! Cheers!
Xo emily


oh thanks so much emily!

Jen holtkamp:

Wow, that is an amazing tree! I live pretty close to the one in sandy, I need to check it out!


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