HOT! 20% off perfume/cologne today only

35% off perfume or cologne today only

i found you guys a HOT deal this morning on perfume and cologne!! today only you can get 20% off ALL perfume and cologne here with code DEC20Β at checkout. if you’re planning to get perfume or cologne for your significant other this holiday season THIS is the deal to do it with!

if you need help picking a good one, here are some of OURΒ favorites, in guys and girls! all images are clickable.


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Yay! Perfect timing! Thanks πŸ™‚

Elissa Reid:

Have you ever purchased anything from this company before? I’ve heard you have to be careful ordering perfumes from companies like this because sometimes the perfume is old or expired (so the fragrance could be off or not as long lasting) or even watered down. I’ve never purchased perfume from a company like this so I’m not sure if it’s just a rumor but thought I’d ask πŸ™‚


Hey Elissa! Totally a valid question that I should have addressed in my post because YES that can be a huge problem!! Which is why I never post deals from Amazon or other sites where anyone can be a seller, because perfume is so often tampered with and resold. But this site is 100% legit and an authorized seller of all these high-end brands so you are totally safe purchasing from them! πŸ™‚

caroline: has 25% off and has high end perfume like flowerbomb (my personal fave)….


great tip! thanks so much!


Thank you! I’ve been playing with the budget to try to fit a cologne purchase in for the boy- this is perfect!!!


oh yay i’m so glad!


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