fave sole society shoes half off!!!


hey guys! remember a few days ago when i posted about my favorite red dress being on sale and the shoes were discounted for like 5 minutes and then they went back up in price? well they’re ON SALE AGAIN!!! and this time it’s for real i’m pretty sure ha.

right now you can get my sole society sheila shoes for $34.98 (orig $69.95) and i deliberate ALL about why i am in love love LOVE with these shoes, the history of the ankle strap heel, etc in this post. if my opinion alone isn’t enough, see the reviews on this shoe: they’re almost all 5-star.

i wore these shoes in this outfit:


and this outfit:

sole-society-sheila-1 (1)

sole society has a TON of other super cute shoes and bags on sale 60% off right now. shop the full sole society sale selection here.

thanks to more than one reader who let me know these were on sale again. you guys are the best!! XO

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I saw this about the shoes being on sale and went to the site yesterday and was so excited to see they were indeed on sale still! I had a hectic day at work and didn’t get a chance to buy them so I went on first thing this morning when I got to work and they are back to original price! Such a tease!


darn so sorry! i’ll keep an eye out for another good deal!


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