favorite tools for thanksgiving dinner + a chance to win them all!

can you believe thanksgiving is a WEEK from today?! i’m dying with excitement! mostly because that means i’m a few days away from seeing my FAMILY who i miss so much!! but also because i get to eat my mother’s thanksgiving dinner. and i know everyone thinks their mom’s thanksgiving dinner is the best there is, but really, my mom’s is the best!!! 😉

see photo for proof:


i’ve heard from a lot of friends and readers here that you’re looking for a little help and some tips on how to make thanksgiving dinner! i’ll leave the cooking tips to my mom (more on that later) but for now she and i have compiled a bunch of favorite tools that will help make your thanksgiving dinner prep go just a little smoother!


1. tovolo dripless baster: #1 best-seller and totally affordable. $9.59
2. OXO silicone pastry brush:#1 best-seller and a must for pie baking! $7.95
3. all-clad lasagna pan: i know, a lasagna pan. but so much more multi-functional than a regular roasting pan. larger than your typical 9×13 so it fits a turkey perfectly, but use it also for XL batches of lasagna or casserole too! my mom uses this every year for her turkey, $95. similar but less expensive: cuisinart lasagna pan with roasting rack, $31.
4. OXO dough blender: a serious need for making homemade pie crust! #1 best-seller. $11.95
5. norpro stainless steel twine dispenser: so convenient! my mom LOVES hers. $10.92
6. reynolds turkey oven bags: the trick to a perfect turkey, every time. read why mom swears by them here. $6.99
7. turkey lifters: #1 rated and seriously, you want these for that big bird. $13.96
8. norpro silicone pastry mat with measures: so nice to have one with the measures for pie making! $9.95
9. JA henckels 2-pc carving knife set: a must for slicing that turkey! $20.16
10. pyrex pie plate: tried and true and always cooks evenly. $8.45
11. apple peeler/corer/slicer: this one’s #1 rated and our family fave. $20.68
12. norpro krona sauce master whisk: my mom’s fave gravy whisk. $7.44

my mom, food blogger and former caterer and, in my very biased opinion, the best chef in the world, si foster helped me put this favorites list together! in fact, most of these favorites are hers, since she’s the experienced chef and i’m still just a novice. she blogs at a bountiful kitchen and today she’s posted tips for thanksgiving first-timers! they’re all the tips she would give me or my sister if we were all on our own to do thanksgiving dinner.

AND, because it’s the season for giving, we decided to give one lucky reader ALL of the tools above! a $222 total value. enter the giveaway below.

but first! (no, i’m not going to take a selfie). those who entered my black friday forecast giveaway, here are the winners, selected by promo simple’s random generator:

laura knutson
lauren wade
emilie nielson
kelly linsday
samme handle
veronica hicks
hannah goodrich
sheena harris
nikole chavez
lina hartzheim

winners, please email me corrine(at)mintarrow.com with the email address you used to enter the giveaway within 24 hours to claim your gift card!

enter below to win ALL of the favorite tools for thanksgiving dinner on this post!

*this giveaway has ended. winner announced here!

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This is awesome! What a cool giveaway. 🙂 Does your mom have any suggestions for a really great meat thermometer?


hey kendra! oh man, i meant to link to a meat thermometer too! we actually did discuss this over the phone last night and she said an instant-read thermometer is best. let me see if i can get an exact recommendation and i’ll come back and post if i do 😉


Awesome! Let me know if you find out which one! 🙂


I’d love to know which meat thermometer your mom recommends as well. Then Kendra and I can get a 2 for 1 deal. 🙂


Have enjoyed your moms blog SO much! Can only imagine what your Thanksgiving dinners are like 🙂


thank you so much abbey!

Wendy J T:

Yay! Crossing my fingers that I win. I am nuts about your blog, and your moms! Fashion deals and delicious food, what could be better?! Thanks again.

Jennifer Valadez:

Awesome tools to make Thanksgiving cooking easier..


For goodness sake, why has it taken me this long to follow your mom- that timeline is brilliant. i could breath a little easier just reading through it! (and those photos… how can i make turkey and stuffing for breakfast happen right now??)


Wow, all of the recipes on your Mom’s blog look amazing!! I will definitely be trying at least one!


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