beautiful MINTED shower invitations + an exclusive deal


a couple weeks ago i helped throw a shower for one of my dearest friends kendyl and was put in charge of invitations. and you guys, i am just not a crafty person. i don’t scrapbook, i don’t die-cut or whatever (i don’t even know what you call these things ha!!) but i DO know of a place where all things beautiful are produced for the do-it-yourself challenged folk like myself. and that place is minted.

i discovered minted two years ago when i was looking for an easy but beautiful christmas card and birth announcement and they fit the bill. they had a huge variety of darling christmas cards that were designed just for announcing a new baby too. done.

so when i had the task of creating ken’s shower invites i knew i wanted to go back to minted. not only did the have tons of beautiful shower invitation styles to choose from – so many it was hard to choose one – but they make everything SO easy. i was able to send the bride an excel spreadsheet from minted where she filled in all her guest’s info, and not only was i able to use that for minted automatically printing addresses (for free!) on each envelope, but she had a head start on her addresses since she’s using minted also for her wedding invitations!


i went with the golden bride bridal shower invitations, because they fit her theme of pink and gold so perfectly and i loved the option to add a personalized message and small photo to the back. i chose the i also opted for the return address printing, which just made my life way easier. all i had to do when they arrived was stuff the envelopes and slap some stamps on and toss them in the mailbox. it took me about 15 minutes. that’s what i’m talkin about.

i added some personalized thank you cards to my order too, as a little treat to the bride. she loved them!


so let’s review. beauty + simplicity = the most perfect card company. ever. thank you minted!

i asked minted if they’d give my readers an exclusive discount and they agreed! get 10% off your order site wide at minted with the code MINTARROW10 – good through wednesday 10/29/14.


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