$50 off all-clad multi pots

all clad multi-pot

i’m totally an all-clad snob. i will totally admit it. but once you’ve cooked in crappy pots and then you cook with all-clad, you just can’t go back! they cook so evenly and are so thick and heavy duty that they don’t burn things easily. they clean easily. they last forever. my mom has had her collection for years and years and they still work just like the first day they were brand new.

one of my favorite pots is my 12-qt all-clad multipot with steamer, however i often wish i had the smaller version that my mom has – the the 8 qt all-clad perforated multipot. the 12 qt is amazing if you have to steam or boil a HUGE batch of something – think mashed potatoes for a thanksgiving for 35. but for like everyday cooking, the 8-qt is way more functional. think boiling spaghetti for your family or a box of bow tie pasta for a pasta salad. the 12-qt is way too ginormous, but the 8-qt is perfect.

right now you can get $50 off both of these favorite all-clad multipots! this would be an excellent christmas gift for anyone who’s a cook or kitchen gear lover.

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