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all the kids in my neighborhood went back to school today and that means one thing in my mind … FALL is here! when i think of fall i think of yummy soups, blankets, boots, crisp autumn leaves, and yummy scents.

while i’m slowly accepting the fact that i might not get some of those elements of fall here in southern ca, i can get a yummy smelling house and today i’m so excited to tell you guys about candle warmers etc and city creek candles! not only do they make yummy smelling candles and waxes, they also make safer alternatives to burning candles in your home.

i will never forget seeing a house about a half mile from the one where i grew up burning to the ground because the mom had taken a bath and lit a candle in another room, and the curtains blew into the candle and started a fire that literally burnt their house to the ground. ever since i’ve been paranoid of leaving a candle burning in a room where i can’t watch it every second.

i love that candle warmers etc offer a practical, safe, super easy way to get fragrance into your home without an open flame.

and TODAY ONLY you can get 25% off any candle warmers etc. item with the exclusive coupon code Mint at checkout.

i have the aurora candle warmer that i move around in my house from my living room to my bedroom.


the wax melts are really nice too because you only need a few and after they’ve melted down, you can pour them back into the molds to use over and over. plus they’re super affordable – $5.49 per 4oz block. so you can easily stock up on a few scents without breaking the bank.


you can see all of the candle warmers here and all of the candles and waxes here.

the code Mint will take 25% off of candles, warmers and waxes today only! i’ll be taking full advantage myself and stocking up on fall and holiday scents to keep me going all winter.

i’m also giving away one candle warmer/candle combo and one wax warmer/wax combo! two winners, super easy entry below. winner will be posted HERE tomorrow morning. good luck!

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