the best deal on the BEST printer for a macbook pro

best printer for macbook pro

if you have a macbook or macbook pro or any type of mac computer i bet you’ve wondered what the best printer is for the macbook pro (or whatever computer you have) is, right?! i wondered that same thing too about a month ago because we were FED UP with our terrible hp printer at the time, so i started researching “best printer for macbook pro” and this printer/scanner/copier, the canon PIXMA M922 wireless color photo printer, scanner, and copier was the best bet i could find, based on all the reviews i read and the forums i researched. i wanted air print (apple’s wireless printing technology), i wanted it to be simple, and i didn’t want to have to lay each piece of paper on the glass when i scanned a document, i wanted to lay my document in a tray and have that sucker whip out a 5 page scan in under 60 seconds.

well guess what. all my hopes and dreams came true with the canon PIXMA M922 wireless color photo printer, scanner, and copier. seriously! it is THE BEST printer, scanner, copier for an apple device – not even just a macbook or macbook pro! the airdrop is SO AWESOME. you can print from any apple device in like 2 seconds. the setup was super easy. it’s not gigantic. it looks nice. it functions better than any printer i’ve ever owned at home. oh also, it can fax too – if you’re into that.

AND THE BEST PART!!!!!! it’s on sale today. duh. haha.

best printer for macbook pro

we paid a little over $100 for ours and that was the best deal at the time, but today only you can get the canon PIXMA M922 wireless color photo printer, scanner, and copier for $74.99 shipped (reg $199). i keep an eye on these things and trust me when i say this is the BEST deal i’ve ever seen on this printer.

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I just bought this deal through you, thank you so much1!

Kris (Amanda Treviño) Irvin:

Sold, Corrine! We bought a wireless printer a few months ago but so far I hate it. A lot. Here’s hoping this one rocks my socks!


Thank you for this! I’ve been looking for something to replace our current one (circa 2007!) and couldn’t pass this up considering the deal. Great find!


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