friday faves: good things come to those who wait

sometimes when you really want something but you just can’t justify it for full price, it really pays off to wait! that’s honestly one of the reasons i started this blog, because i have this weird quirky talent of finding (almost!) everything for a deal.

except sometimes i follow this other rule, and that is: if you see something, and youย really want it, and you keep thinking about it, and thinking about it, and you reeeeeally want it and you know you’re going to use it a ton, sometimes it’s worth getting even if it’s not on sale! because, sometimes when you’ve waited forever for something you really want, it’s so fun when you finally get it! ONE item in my friday faves today isn’t on sale, but i wanted it all summer and waited forever until i finally splurged. and the splurge was that much sweeter!

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1. anthropologie ruffled halter maillot: super high ratings of this exact same ruffled halter maillot here but this one’s on sale! (was $98) $39.95
2. seychelles calm down leather thong sandal: i’ve been dying to have these gold birks but since they’re $120(!!) i was happy to find this similar but way cheaper alternative! $59.95
3. lands end vertical rugby stripe beach towel: the best beach towel EVER of all time, on sale! (reg $29) $18 with code DEAL4ALL & pin 1360.
4. ray ban aviators with pink mirror lenses: i’ve wanted these forever and finally splurged and, i’m in LOVE!!! wore them in this outfit post but it’s hard to tell they’re pink so i’ll post another pic on instagram this morning. they don’t show this mark-down but these used to be $226.67, now $170.
5. too faced beauty blogger darlings: these have been on friday faves before, but i L-O-V-E each of these products SO much! my favorite bronzer and favorite mascara! and today you also get a deluxe melted liquefy long wear lipstick with code SUPERSTARS. if you’ve been waiting to try these, i promise now is the time! $20 for the set
6. anthropologie colorblocked underwire maillot: i’ve wanted this one all summer and i’m finally getting it! (was $98) $39.95

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happy weekend my friends! i love you guys!


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Jamie G:

The makeup deal is SO cool!


The thing is – is that these products aren’t simply the sale price. Unless your willing to spend $50 to qualify for the minimum purchase order (Land’s End, Sephora, etc), you’ll be paying for shipping too ๐Ÿ™


sorry to disappoint kristen. it takes a ton of time and work to put together these blog posts, and i realize i can’t (and never could possibly!) please everyone every time. i do post free-shipping deals pretty frequently, so if that’s what’s most appealing to you, keep an eye out for those ๐Ÿ˜€


So glad you have that “quirky talent!” I have been enjoying using your blog as a resource for upgrading my wardrobe out of the first-job-out-of-college stage… not to mention keeping the baby shower and birthday gifts within budget this year. Thanks for your work!


Just found this blog and I am in love after reading it for a week!

Christie Sorden:

You have so much talent at what you do! Im in awe at how simple and beautiful you always make it look…I know its not simple at all. I love to check in with you it makes me feel like I have a pulse on whats in-style! I have a teenagers, a toddler, a sick husband. Thanks for keeping me in-style…a little! Btw..would love the make up.I wear whatever is left in the drawer after my daughter takes the good stuff. Need to invest in me more. Have a great week!:)


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