world market outdoor SALE! plus exclusive additional discount

i’m so excited about this post because i’ve known about this unbelievable outdoor sale at world market for THE longest time but i’ve had to keep it all to myself! now that it’s here and going strong i’m so thrilled to tell you about MY favorite piece in the sale, how we’ve used it to make memories in our home, and how to get the deal on it PLUS offer you an exclusive extra discount!

first i have to start off with telling you a bit of a story: whenever my husband and i would look at houses, back in utah or here in california, there’s one common thread that instantly draws me into a home from the outside: a spot for front porch lounging. i think it’s because growing up, i had a spot like this on my front porch. i’d sit outside on warm summer nights with my family or neighbors and talk about everything under the sun. the neighborhood kids would all play night games till we were too tired and then come back to the front porch to sit and look at the stars and wait until our parents finally called us in for the 3rd time. and when my uncle scott came into town from alabama, we’d always take our cereal out to the front porch and eat breakfast together. in my mind, it’s one of the most essential spaces for happy homemade memories.

so naturally when we moved to california, i was on the lookout for that perfect porch space. and when i found it, i couldn’t wait to find the perfect piece of furniture for us to get our lounge on. because, if you give a mouse a cookie . . .

that’s where this beautiful himara all-weather wingback settee from world market came in. i loved that it looked like something i would have in my home, but it was still the perfect fit for outdoors.

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and right now it’s part of world market’s huge outdoor sale! all their outdoor furniture is up to 50% off right now. so this settee is on sale for $244.99 right now (orig $349.99). over $100 off is an awesome deal for a piece of furniture this nice, especially this time of year. most places aren’t discounting their outdoor furniture this deeply until the end of summer. and who wants to wait until then? you want it when you can enjoy it!

AND you can get an additional 10% off with code MINTARROW at checkout now through 7/6/14.

here’s a few pictures of anabelle and me enjoying our perfect porch view:

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i picked out some of my favorite pieces in the huge world market outdoor sale that you can see below. all images are clickable. don’t forget that you can get an extra 10% off through 7/6/14 with code MINTARROW at checkout!

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