the two best nursing bras EVER – ON SALE.

ani birth

if a picture like this is in your near future, and you plan to nurse, you HAVE to take advantage of these deals today!!!

right now you can get the two BEST nursing bras, the ones i recommend on my baby registry post, for the cheapest i have EVER seen them.

let’s start with the lamaze bra. when you very first have your baby and your milk comes in and your boobs turn to the sizes of watermelons and you fear they might explode, TRUST ME, you are going to want the lamaze bra. it is by far, bar none, the most comfortable nursing bra out there. like a super soft sports bra with built in nursing functionality. take it with you to the hospital. OH and duh – you can get the lamaze white wireless nursing bra ON SALE for $8.99 (retail $18). it’s $18 on amazon right now in a medium, large and XL in white so, you’re saving $10 off amazon’s price.



my other favorite nursing bra, for when you recover and life and your boobs go (a little) back to normal, this sexy mama wireless full fit nursing bra is legit. by far my very favorite one i tried, and i tried a LOT. it actually gives you shape like a normal bra, but functions like a nursing bra. i ended up buying 3 during the year i was nursing, and i spent WAY more than this. right now you can get the sexy mama nursing bra for $24.99 (retail $66) and yes, i paid $66 for mine. right now on amazon they’re $52-66 so this seriously is an amazing deal.


a couple people have mentioned that the sexy mama bra is not available in their size for this sale (bummer!!) so, as a 3rd suggestion, i really do love this la leche nursing bra too that’s a super good deal for $11.99 (reg $32).

you can see all the nursing bras on sale here, and to see all my baby favorites, go to my best baby registry list ever post. and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to leave a comment here!

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This post is perfect timing! Thank you, thank you! I am expecting my 3rd in just a few weeks and have never loved any of the nursing bras I’ve tried and these have been on my to buy list. Ordering today! How do you feel the sizing runs??


hey elise! i feel like the sizing is really true to size, so since this is your 3rd you’ll probably know how big you’ll be when your milk comes in and you can gauge from there. hope that helps!


They have my size in the Sexy Mama bra but it’s coming up full price??


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