skincare secret weapons & a 20% off code


have you ever seen an american tail? i always think of that movie and the line where they say “release the secret weapon” when i hear the words secret weapon. ha. anyway.

several months ago i was introduced to bremenn clinical and their amazing skin care line, and i’ve been meaning to put together a post for the longest time to tell you guys about a couple of their products that i’m obsessed with!

first of all, everyone gets zits. even people with the most beautiful, clear skin ever. it happens. and when it happens toΒ me, this is what i use: the emergency zit stick clinical strength. i put this stuff on a zit that i can feel coming on, or when i find a new one, and it’s pretty much gone the next morning. super affordable too – $20 for a pack of two? i think getting rid of one zit is worth $20!


the other product i really, really love from bremenn that i’ve tried is their hylexin clinical strength dark circle eraser. i am not lying when i say i notice aΒ huge difference when i use this stuff consistently, and when i forget about it for days or weeks. the dark circles creep back in and i look at pictures of myself and go “who IS that person?!” haha. but really. it’s a bit more than the zit zapper ($69) BUT. i of course have a deal up my sleeve.

i went to bremenn and asked if they’d give me a discount code for my readers so that you guys could try this stuff out too, and they agreed! right now you can get 20% off plus free shipping on any order through bremenn clinical with code mintarrow at checkout. awesome right?

i’m also dying to try their instant forehead smoother – has anyone tried this?! i might have to use the code myself and get it and report back!

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Cori Larsen:

Reading your blog is one of my guilty pleasures! keep up all the fantastic posts πŸ™‚


Couldn’t bring myself to buying the Zit Zapper at full price without using it, but you had a promo code and I just had to– so I ordered it! So excited to try it!


yay! i hope you love it! let me know what you think πŸ˜€


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