$45 kindle e-reader!



i’m about to get my gush on and gush hard about how much i’m completely and totally in love and obsessed with my kindle. if you don’t have one yet and you like reading at ALL, like even a little, you need one. it weighs less than 6 oz so it’s lighter than a paperback, but it can carry over 1,000 books for you, it downloads a book in 60 seconds (true story) AND the very best part? you can read it in the brightest sunlight with NO glare. it reads just like a book, NOT a tablet screen. i was amazed the first time i took mine out to the pool. i didn’t really believe it would work but IT DOES. really!

and today you can get a refurbished kindle e-Readerย for $45. YES! seriously. $45. only for the next few hours though (or if it sells out before) and then the price will go back up.

the refurbished kindle still comes with a 1 year warranty, just like the brand new kindle. i promise if you get this for your summer poolside or beachside reading you won’t regret it! you just might have to hide it so your husband doesn’t steal it all the time ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Suzie cushing:

Wondering how I can get the kindle for 45.00


yes i’m so sorry


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