world’s smallest smartphone portable charger $20 (71% off)

iphone charger

ever had your phone die when you’re out & about? worst thing EVER. happens to me pretty much daily. SO guess what.

i found you a solution! a really inexpensive one too.

right now you can get this Jackery Mini Premium Ultra-compact Aluminum Portable Charger for $19.95. it’s the world’s smallest and only weighs 5  ounces. it will give you 1 full charge to your iPhone and works with pretty much any phone or tablet that charges from a USB port (ipad, galaxy, note, nexus, LG, HTC, etc).

i’m freaking out over this because i kid you not, i almost spent $100 on one of these last week but it was bigger and heavier.

this charger retails for $70 but it’s 71% off right now (that’s a $50 savings). not sure how long this deal will last so don’t wait!

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This is seriously perfect for me! Have you actually tried it with a tablet yet? I’m really looking for one that will work with my phone and ipad.


i haven’t but it has GREAT reviews online and people say it’s worked great with tablets!


Getting on e now for your Dad. Father’s Day.


It came in the mail today. Awesome. Had to get one for my self too. DEAL! thanks love you.


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