$50 gift card with britax car seat

if you’re looking for a convertible car seat this is a seriously good deal!

right now you can get a $50 gift card with purchase of select britax car seat.

this is the best deal you’ll find on a Britax Boulevard G4 Convertible Car Seat. it’s already down to $256 (reg $319) and when you stack the $50 off it’s like you paid $206, plus it will ship free and will be tax-free in most states too.


you can see all the eligible car seats for the $50 gift card with britax car seat purchase here.

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What a great deal. The link takes me to Amazon, but how do I get the $50 off? I didn’t see anything about it in the details. Thanks for sharing!


hey rachel! so sorry about this. i didn’t explain it very well. the $50 is a gift card, so you still pay $256 but you get a $50 gift card free so it’s like paying $206. i apologize for not explaining this better originally. hopefully this still helps you out!


HI, I’m having trouble with this deal. When I put both in my cart and click check out it does take off 50 dollars but then still has the 50 gift card in my cart to purchase so my total is still 256. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.


bree this is my fault for wording it wrong originally, i’m sorry! the $50 gift card is free but you still pay $256, so the value of the gift card makes it like you paid $206 but you still have to pay $256. i really apologize, i was posting so fast this morning so i could get out with my family for the holiday. i hope this helps! sorry again!


It’s not showing the $50 gift card anywhere


hey crystal, i think it’s probably because you are on a mobile device? if you can try using a computer it should show you the GC! ๐Ÿ™‚


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