$100 table saw – tile, wood, miter, metal (58% off)

first of all let me just admit that i really have NO idea what i’m talking about with anything “handy.” but my husband is pretty good with this stuff so he helped me out with this post!

rockwell tile

right now there’s a killer deal on this Rockwell RK7321 BladeRunner with Wall Mount for $104.99 (reg $248.60). this thing could be used for so many home projects including tile cutting – which is huge!

we remodeled the kitchen in our utah home and also remodeled our family room mantle with new tile, and had to borrow or rent a tile cutter for both projects. tile cutters alone are super expensive, usually a couple hundred dollars, and renting one is at least $50. plus the one you can rent for $50 from a home improvement store is terrible, and will break your tiles. sadly we know from experience and after we broke too many tiles, we returned the $50 rental and spent $100 renting the nice one, so if you use this sucker once it will be worth it!



also, because i know someone will ask! this is the tile we used in our kitchen. 😉

if you have a dad/husband who loves home projects this might be the perfect father’s day gift for him!

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thank you for sharing! i’m looking for a table saw for my hubby for father’s day. this is perfect! i LOVE the backsplash- fabulous choice!


yay i’m so glad! you’re welcome!


Thanks! I got it for my hubby for Father’s Day too!

Jaclyn Anderson:

Hey is the deal over? I went to purchase it and its now $165…maybe I’m too late.


it is, i’m sorry! 🙁


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