boon flair $184.80!


there are some products that frequent this blog, because i am obsessed with them. and the boon flair is one of em.

when i find a deal on these i can’t help but post, in fact i feel like it’s my responsibility and i would be letting everyone down if i didn’t! so. when i saw this today i knew it was going up on the blog immediately.

right now you can get the boon flair high chair for $184.80 (retails $279.99) when you buy two boon products and use the code APRILBOON at checkout. for your second item, you can buy something as inexpensive as these cute little boon benders (fork and spoon) for $3.99. we have these and love them! if you’ve been eying the grey boon flair you can get that for just $7 more.


now let me tell you i’ve been wanting to blog about the boon flair again simply because of two experiences i had. one, last week when we were house hunting in california and my mom watched anabelle, she specifically requested only 1 baby gear item: the boon flair. she asked me to throw it in the back of my SUV and drive it up to her house for the 3 days she watched ani so that she could have that instead of the ikea high chair that’s at her house (which we love!) because the boon flair is SO MUCH BETTER. and when i came to pick ani up she said, “thanks so much for bringing that up. it made feeding her SO much easier without having food fall down the sides of the ikea high chair and i could even walk into another room for a second without worrying about her climbing out of her high chair.” YEP! if my mom is sold, that’s huge. she’s generally more of a “be frugal, save your money, don’t spend it on dumb expensive baby gear” kind of person so it’s a big deal when she becomes a fan of something i’m a fan of.

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(here’s my girl eating asparagus up at gaga’s house!)

also, right after this happened, one of my friends texted me asking “is the boon really worth it?” to which i said of course “YES!” and told her the story about my mom wanting it while she watched anabelle.

i just thought i’d tell you guys these little stories because if you were my BEST FRIEND calling me asking for advice on a high chair this is exactly what i would say to you, word for word.

and BONUS! if you can get a deal on something that’s going to make your life SO much easier, there’s basically nothing better!

to see all my favorite baby gear and all the baby items i’m obsessed with, go to this post.

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Loved that chair. Worth every penny.
And the baby. ๐Ÿ™‚ love her too.


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